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Flour from the mill by the rushing brook

Flour is still ground in the Anthering Mill today. To this day, the water from the torrent in front of the house drives the grinder at the Fuchsmühle in Salzburger Land. Get freshly ground flour and homemade products at the Fuchs Mühle in Anthering.

From fish lobster and caviar

From fish lobster and caviar He is Austria's only producer of caviar: Walter Grüll, who breeds sturgeon in Grödig in the Salzburg region. And that's not all! The caviar that he breeds - in addition to fish, lobster and oysters - is not just any type of caviar, but white caviar, making it the most expensive food in the world. One gram[…]

Lavender from Styria

The Wunsum lavender factory is located on the Sausal Wine Route on a mountain ridge just outside of Kitzeck. We visited them on our pleasure trip along the Sausal Wine Route. On site we find a little paradise full of scents, tastes and wonderful views.

Drink the best Hochland coffee in Salzburg

At the eat and meet festival, restaurants, cafes and shops present their specialties - a real festival for connoisseurs in Austria. We also visited the 220 Grad Rösthaus and Cafe and the Salzburg coffee roastery.

Discover Montreal attractions for foodies

On this tour we discover Montreal attractions for foodies. From specialties from the region to bakers, whose competition ends up in the daily newspapers, to the city's markets and restaurants, there's a lot to explore.

Romantic bakery at St Lawrence

This St Lawrence bakery is well worth a stop. Nobody in Kamouraska St Lawrence Quebec can only be described as romantic. The customer enters an overgrown garden through an archway entwined with climbing plants. It owes its charm to this wildness. The bakery is a bit difficult to find, however. Because the plants cover [...]

The market of St John New Brunswick

The St John New Brunswick Market is well worth a visit. The City Market in St. John is lively, where vendors loudly advertise their wares, ranging from seafood in all variations, including the delicious Bay of Fundy lobster, to fruit and vegetables from the region, meat and cheeses from all over [...]

How a rag rug Sweden becomes a souvenir

Swedish rag rugs as a souvenir? We wanted to find out what typical souvenirs from Sweden are. The first thing that came to mind was furniture and design. Swedish design is known for cool shapes, colors and straight lines.

Arts and crafts in Burgenland

Handicrafts in Burgenland: beautiful things made from serpentine Admittedly: we hadn't heard of serpentine until our visit to the rock museum in Bernstein in Burgenland. And we certainly did not know that it was a semi-precious stone and what beautiful things you can make from it. We were guests on our trip to Burgenland [...]

The Powerscourt Townhouse Center

Few of them find their way to one of the most beautiful shopping temples in Dublin. Powerscourt Townhouse Center is just steps away from the city's famous shopping street, Grafton Street. Even if it is hidden away from the pedestrian zone.

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