These Sweden tips for pleasure travel and slow travel we have collected on our own trips through the country. In this travel magazine we recommend you the things that we liked most during our travels. These include experiences, places, attractions, but also accommodations, restaurants and cafes and what else has contributed to make these trips for us something special.

Sweden Tips for gourmets and slow travelers

We were in Smaland, on the Göta Canal and in Stockholm on road. You will find here our recommendations and travel tips. In it you will learn how and where you can make your journey to these regions a pleasurable experience. We are happy if you tell us in the comments, if and how you liked our tips. You can also tell us your own recommendations. Let us know what you have discovered on your own trips through Sweden. We are looking forward to it.

A day in Stockholm

A day in Stockholm? The best place to start is in the old town. Stockholm's core cell is Gamla Stan, the old town from which the city has expanded in all directions and across several islands over the centuries. The quickest way to reach many parts of the city is by ship.

Discover picturesque Skanör in Sweden

Why is a stop in Skanoer in southern Sweden worthwhile? The market place of Skanör was mentioned as early as 1215 when the Archbishop of Lund forbade the sale of false relics. Today's Rathausplatz was built in the 14th century when more permanent urban development developed.

Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm

For those who come to Stockholm for the first time, Gamla Stan is a must. This is where the core of Stockholm is, from which the city developed. The art galleries, cafés, restaurants and craft shops are not to be missed.