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Miami in December: Enjoy Winter in Florida

Winter blues? On to Florida! Miami in December lures us to Miami in December. At the end of December the usual winter blues packs us. Christmas is just over. It will be months before the first spring flowers break through the snow. We are starving for the sun. So what do you do? Only one thing helps: in ... go to Article

Fort Lauderdale attractions you should not miss

Attractions along the canals We explore Fort Lauderdale's sights aboard the Jungle Queen IV. My head is slowly buzzing: "Nick Nolte lives in this mansion and Al Pacino shot one of his blockbusters there". Something like this goes on as we leisurely board the sternwheeler Jungle Queen * through the canals ... go to Article

Afternoon Tea at Biltmore Hotel - British Miami

Afternoon Tea at Biltmore Hotel Miami Tea time at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami's suburb of Coral Gables shows it clearly. In Miami, there are not just Cubans and Latin Americans. Every visitor to Miami is repeatedly bumped into it in guidebooks, films and TV series. Most of the inhabitants of the metropolis of Florida are from Castros ... go to Article

Discover good food on a food tour in Miami Beach

Discover Miami Beach on a Food Tour We discover good food on a food tour in Miami Beach. We were warned: Do not let the rip-offs on Ocean Drive lure you into the restaurant with cheap promises! Breakfast for five dollars usually means a meal without coffee, and if you order it, ... go to Article

Experience Miami attractions by boat

Experience Miami Attractions by Boat There are many ways to experience Miami attractions. One of them is to do this with the boat. This Miami boat tour, however, is different! 25 Celsius at the beginning of January, a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze. This is the weather that will take us to Miami Beach Marina in December ... go to Article

Art Deco district in Miami Beach

Art Deco District and Beaches The Art Deco district in Miami Beach is worth a visit. So we start our walk through the Art Deco district of Miami Beach Florida at Lincoln Street Mall. This is the pedestrian street in South Beach. This is lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Away from the Miami ... go to Article

Spanish monastery in Miami Beach

"What does a Spanish monastery in Miami Beach have to look for," you ask for sure. We also asked ourselves the question. We discovered the Ancient Spanish Monastery on the map during our travel preparation for our winter trip to Florida. Until then I had never heard of it. But the hint on the Google map let me ... go to Article

Restaurant on Captiva Island in Florida

Colorful Restaurant on Captiva Island: the Bubble Room Restaurant Surely there will be a lot of you who will be clapping your hands when you see the colorful world in the Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island. We did not fare otherwise. We just waited for Pippi Longstocking to get behind ... go to Article

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