Art Deco district in Miami Beach

The Art Deco District in Miami Beach is well worth a visit. Our tour begins lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. A little away from Miami Beach you can not only shop well, but also take a break with a fruit cocktail or a Cafe Cubano.

Visit the flea market: a rainy day in Fort Lauderdale

Our tip for a rainy day in Fort Lauderdale The weather god obviously knows our travel plan, because today is the perfect day for rain, as we had planned a visit to the Fort Lauderdale flea market for that day. I love markets of all kinds - and flea markets are no exception, especially when they are so huge [...]

Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

OLA Restaurant in Miami Beach is an award winning restaurant. This Latin American restaurant serves cuisine with a twist. Anyone looking for something out of the ordinary for a special evening is in good hands in this restaurant.

Sanibel Island, Florida - This island is all about shells

If you visit Sanibel Island in Florida, you can't avoid the topic of mussels. The Sanibel Island Florida Beaches are a treasure trove for shell collectors. You can find mussels everywhere: on the beach, in the souvenir shop, in the restaurant and even in the museum.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in Fort Lauderdale

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in Fort Lauderdale takes you into a world of artists and bon vivants. Bonnet House was built by one of the first settlers in the Fort Lauderdale area, Hugh Taylor Birch. He spent the winter months in this house.

The turtle sanctuary on Sanibel Island, Florida

Animal welfare is taken very seriously on Sanibel Island. The CROW turtle sanctuary is located here. On an area of ​​around four hectares there are treatment rooms and enclosures in which birds, raccoons, opossums and turtles are nursed back to health

Experience Miami attractions by boat

(Commercial) Like Crocket and Tubbs from Miami Vice, we dash through the waters around Miami in the Zodiac. Kimberley Falconer, the owner of Ocean Force Adventures, invited us on a tour of the waters of Miami. She wants to show us the Miami sights from the water.

Fort Lauderdale attractions

Fort Lauderdale attractions are easy to see on a boat tour that takes you past millionaire mansions and yachts parked in the city's canals like cars in front of a garage. Sights such as the gardens at Bonnet House, the Gulf Stream Race Track or the Festival Flea Market are better visited by car.

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