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Art Deco district in Miami Beach

Art Deco District and Beaches The Art Deco District in Miami Beach is worth a visit. So we start our walk through the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, Florida at Lincoln Street Mall. This is the pedestrian area in South Beach. This is lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. A bit off the Miami Beaches ... go to Article

Miami in December: Enjoy Winter in Florida

Winter blues? Off to Florida! Miami in December beckons We fly to Miami in December. At the end of December the usual winter blues grabs us. Christmas is just over. It will still be months before the first spring flowers spike through the snow. We are starving for sun. So what to do? Only one thing helps: in the ... go to Article

Discover good food on a food tour in Miami Beach

Discover Miami Beach on a Food Tour We discover good food on a food tour in Miami Beach. We were warned: Do not let the rip-offs on Ocean Drive lure you into the restaurant with cheap promises! Breakfast for five dollars usually means a meal without coffee, and if you order it, ... go to Article

Experience Miami attractions by boat

Experience Miami Attractions by Boat There are many ways to experience Miami attractions. One of them is to do this with the boat. This Miami boat tour, however, is different! 25 Celsius at the beginning of January, a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze. This is the weather that will take us to Miami Beach Marina in December ... go to Article

Spanish monastery in Miami Beach

"What does a Spanish monastery have to do in Miami Beach," you may ask yourself. We also asked ourselves the question. We discovered the Ancient Spanish Monastery on the map as we were preparing for our winter trip to Florida. I had never heard of it before. But the reference on the Google map left me ... go to Article

Extraordinary Latin American cuisine at OLA Restaurant in Miami Beach

I do not know if there is such a thing as Latin American understatement, but if so, then the OLA restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, is a master of this subject, because from the outside, the restaurant at the Sanctuary Hotel on James Avenue looks rather unimpressive. On balmy summer evenings you can have dinner either in the restaurant or ... go to Article