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Cape Cod Accommodations near the Beach

Where can I find Cape Cod accommodations near the beach? Many Cape Cod accommodations and Cape Cod hotels are not located directly on the beach. That's because most of Cape Cod's best beaches are in the national park. Therefore, many Cape Cod Beaches can only be reached by car, bike or footpath. Here we introduce them.

Free things to do in Boston

Especially in times when the dollar is expensive, it pays to know a list of "free things to do in Boston". But not only then. Because traveling to big cities in the US is usually not cheap. So it's good to know what you can do without spending a lot of money.

Harvard campus tour

A visit to Harvard College is especially interesting if you do a Harvard campus tour with students. They will tell you what their life on campus is like. They explain the history of the university. You will learn anecdotes from the lives of famous Harvard graduates.

The Freedom Trail in Boston

Every visitor to the capital of Massachusetts follows the Boston Trail of Freedom at least once. It guides visitors to the city's attractions that best represent Boston's history. You can do a self-guided tour on the Freedom Trail with this information.

Hotels in Downtown Boston MA

It is therefore best to stay in one of the hotels in downtown Boston MA. The hotels that we recommend to you here have been selected so that you can easily reach the sights and the Freedom Trail from there.

The Trapp family Salzburg - the real story

We are on our way in search of the true story of the Trapp family's escape from the National Socialists, not the Hollywood version of the film "The Sound of Music", which made the family world famous.

Provincetown Cape Cod Attractions and Beaches

Provincetown Cape Cod with its colorful hustle and bustle, which is shaped by the lifestyle of the artists and the gays in town, exerts a special charm on its visitors. Let yourself drift through Commercial Street, keep an eye out for whales or wander through the dunes, where artists like to withdraw from the hustle and bustle.

Where and how to see & experience whale species in New England

Whale species can be seen and experienced on a whale tour along the Whale Route in Massachusetts and whale watching in and around Boston in New England. It is an impressive experience to see the whales exhale their breath as they emerge from the depths of the sea.

Pumpkin Pie American Recipe - Pumpkin pie just like in the USA

There is hardly a pie recipe in the USA that is as typical for fall as an American Pumpkin Pie Recipe that is easy to prepare. A pumpkin pie always whets my appetite for a cozy coffee break by the warm stove. If you want to bake an American pumpkin pie yourself, you will find the right recipe for it here.

Discover Boston Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts is not only the capital of this state. Boston is also a city rich in history. It offers many sights that show the development of the city and even the USA as a whole. Boston is also a lively and young city with a lot of culture and world-class museums.

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