The Trapp family Salzburg - the real story

We are on our way in search of the true story of the Trapp family's escape from the National Socialists, not the Hollywood version of the film "The Sound of Music", which made the family world famous.

Covered Bridges: romantic New England

New England covered bridges have a touch of the past. They spread charm that brings back memories. One almost expects that instead of the cars and bicycles that pass them, horse-drawn carriages bump over their wooden planks.

Green Mountain Villages in Vermont, New England

Whenever we are out and about in New England, images of the Green Mountain Villages haunt us with their pointed church spiers looming over a white-painted church in the center, with a cozy inn across the street and a covered bridge that leads into the village, through our heads. Somehow these clichés stand for our picture [...]

When is the best time to see moose in New England?

Anyone who has ever been to the USA or Canada knows this: you have heard a lot about the fact that you can always see moose on a trip through the country. Only when driving through the moose regions of North America do the animals simply not want to show themselves for a photo. On the one hand, this is certainly [...]

Glass factory in Vermont with a covered bridge

It's pouring rain. it's pouring And it's pouring. The sky empties buckets of water on us. Not exactly the best weather for outdoor attractions, so we're very glad that a glass factory in Vermont is on our agenda today. As it turns out, this is exactly the right occupation for such a day.[…]

Stowe Vermont USA - 3 tips for a day

The small village of Stowe in the Green Mountains below Mt. Mansfield in northern Vermont actually only consists of a road junction where a road from the mountains joins the main road through the village. The other, via which we arrive, runs through typical Vermont farmland. Again and again we pass the [...]

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