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Activities in New York for children

What to do with children in New York Visiting a city is not an easy task if you have children in tow. The trick is to entertain the offspring on the one hand and on the other hand to make sure that he gets tired. New York City offers its willing visitors lots of fun and adventure. ... go to Article

Manhattan - the heart of New York City

Manhattan - where New York's heart beats This island is just one of the boroughs of New York City. However, it most closely corresponds to the concept that most of New York has. But would you have thought that it would make New York one of the most popular wedding locations away from home? Manhattan shares ... go to Article

Rockport, fishing village in Massachusetts

Why We Like Massachusetts Rockport! I have long wanted to introduce this fishing village in Massachusetts to you. After all, we often traveled around Boston and the surrounding area. We loved New England with its pretty little places with the white church spiers, but also with the cute houses in Queen Anne style. The captains' houses arrive ... go to Article

USA Road Trip - Tips from Travel Bloggers

Exploring unknown regions by car has been the epitome of traveling for years. A USA road trip means setting off on new ways to explore America. In the US and Canada in particular, road trips are one of the best ways to get to know the country. It makes everyone a little ... go to Article

American ski resorts are perfect for skiing? Why?

Winter is coming slowly but inevitably. There was almost no snow in Europe last winter. No matter where we went in Europe this year, it was said everywhere: "We had a dry and mild winter." On the other hand, it was very different in the USA and Canada. There you could ... go to Article

Green Mountain Villages in Vermont, New England

Whenever we travel in New England, we see images of the Green Mountain Villages with their pointed church towers rising above a white-painted church in the center, with a cozy inn across the street and a covered bridge leading into the village. through our heads. Somehow these clichés stand for ... go to Article

When is the best time to see moose in New England?

Anyone who has ever been to the USA or Canada knows this: you have heard a lot about the fact that you can see moose again and again on a trip through the country. Only when driving through the elk regions of North America, the animals simply do not want to show for a photo. That's for sure ... go to Article

Covered Bridges: romantic New England

You are attached to something of bygone times. They spread a very special flair with their historic charm. It is almost expected that instead of the cars and bicycles that they pass through in some places, romantic carriages with racy horse-drawn teams bump their wooden planks: the covered bridges of New England. Covered bridges are among the typical ... go to Article

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