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The Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive

Less than two hours' drive west of the US capital Washington DC, you'll find the Blue Ridge Mountains, the eastern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, which are among the most beautiful areas in the United States and where the huge tourist flows have so far passed. The Blue Ridge Mountains are located in the US state of Virginia ... go to Article

Luxury lodge on a lake in New Hampshire, New England

In Meredith, New Hampshire, Harley is meeting. As we turn into the main street of the village, we are immediately in the midst of a line of Harley Davidson drivers whose motorcycles surround us with their dull hum. You know that: the dark sound of these bikes, from which you immediately recognize which production it comes from? The … go to Article

Castle in the clouds

A castle in the clouds - the Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire As a castle in the clouds I would not call the magnificent house on the summit of the Ossipee Mountain Range in New Hampshire, but the house is impressive. Above all, the view from his terrace and ... go to Article

Restaurant on Captiva Island in Florida

Colorful Restaurant on Captiva Island: the Bubble Room Restaurant Surely there will be a lot of you who will be clapping your hands when you see the colorful world in the Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island. We did not fare otherwise. We just waited for Pippi Longstocking to get behind ... go to Article

The best breakfast in the world?

Such or similar superlatives are found again and again in American restaurants. We wanted to test the American gigantomania once and let us be lured by the promises of the Lighthouse Café on Sanibel Island. Great here - right below the name of the restaurant on the doorstep - the claim to have the best breakfast in the world ... go to Article

Two hotels on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

First of all, there are only a few hotels with direct beach access in Fort Lauderdale. Most of them are separated from the beach by highway A1A. Although this means no major roads, but the car traffic runs at many of the beach hotels in Ft. Lauderdale directly between the beach and the hotel entrance. However, it is also different. We have … go to Article

Glass factory in Vermont with a covered bridge

It is raining heavily. It pours. It pours. The sky empties buckets of water over us. Not exactly the best weather for outdoor attractions, so we are very happy that there is a glass factory on today's agenda. As it turns out, this is just the right occupation for such a day. We ... go to Article

Airboat and eco-tours in the Big Cypress Reserve

They are business savvy, the Indians in the Florida Everglades, you have to leave that to them. We're on our way to Billie Swamp Safaris in the Big Cypress Reserve, located about an hour west of Fort Lauderdale in the middle of Florida's swamps. This is not the original home of the Seminoles. They lived before the arrival ... go to Article

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