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Bad Kissingen Attractions for Slow Travelers

These Bad Kissingen sights are perfect for all slow travelers who like to travel slowly through Bavaria. You come to the spa in Franconia to enjoy a break. To recharge your batteries. Or to relax in the city, its parks and its grounds. “Discover the time” is the city's motto.

Stralsund Sights - Hanseatic City and UNESCO World Heritage Site

The expanse, the smell of salt in the lake, the fresh breeze that almost always blows there, and the harsh character of the surroundings lure to Stralsund. It is a place whose center still lives from the charm of its past. In the World Heritage City you can still feel the influence of the Hanseatic League and its merchants.

Kassel Wasserspiele - You should know this, before you visit them

So you have to experience the Kassel water features to appreciate the masterpiece of the garden architects from the baroque. Even the landgraves and electors always opened their park to the common people. It should participate in these games. The fascination with it has not changed to this day.

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park - UNESCO World Heritage & fairytale home

Discover one of the last primeval forests in Germany in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. In the visitor center and the beech forests you can find out interesting facts about the primeval forests of the region. You will experience this from all perspectives on the treetop path.

What can one do in Kassel? - Three top tips for the summer

The city of Kassel and its surroundings in northern Hesse offers three attractions that are so important that they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We visited these on a trip to the region. This led us into almost primeval forests, to a baroque masterpiece of horticulture and into the realm of fairy tale collectors.

Kazan attractions Russia

Kazan Russia, the city on the Volga is the capital of Tatarstan. After Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is one of the most important cities in tourism in Russia with more than one million inhabitants. This is where the river cruise ships that travel the Volga dock. Kazan is located about 720 km east of Moscow.

Discover UNESCO World Heritage in Mechelen

Mechelen in Belgium impresses with its Renaissance and Gothic architecture in the old town. The town's beguinages, along with the Sint Rombouts Cathedral, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Mechelen. Here we present the buildings that we discovered on our tour:

Evora - UNESCO World Heritage in the Alentejo

Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its historical buildings. It is the largest place that we get to know along our route. It is also one of the oldest places we visit on this trip. Evora was settled long before the Romans.

Svyashsk Russia - UNESCO World Heritage in Tatarstan

Not far from Kazan is Svyashsk Russia Svyashsk Russia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kazan has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in and around the city. The Kazan Kremlin is one of them. Svyashsk is located on an island in the Volga. It is about an hour's drive from Tatarstan's capital. Svyashsk is one of those places that you will find with [...]

Discover Bolgar in Tatarstan - the capital of the Volga Bulgarians

Great Bolgar in Tatarstan was once the capital of the Golden Horde and the Volga Bulgarians. Here the Tatars adopted the Islamic faith. Today Bolgar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, place of pilgrimage for the Muslims of Tatarstan and the seat of several museums that show the cultural history of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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