Slow Travel Experiences

Twillingate Newfoundland - At the wild coast

There are places where you feel like you are in another world. You can enjoy nature here. The coast off Twillingate Newfoundland is one of them. Where people hardly have anything to say. Where nature takes over. Where the elements determine what happens.

Boat trip Stockholm - Experience Sweden's capital from the boat

Find out here how a prince helped us to take a boat tour through Stockholm. Without Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden we would never have done this Stockholm boat tour. So the prince couple encouraged us to take our boat tour through Stockholm.

By houseboat on the Mayenne

On the way with the houseboat on the Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire in western France, we discover a region and a river that could hardly be more relaxing. From Château-Gontier we drive to Laval and back in three days and experience a journey past châteaus and small villages.

Whale Watching Alaska and Canada

The best places for whale watching Alaska & Canada Whale watching is part of a trip to Canada or Alaska. You can enjoy nature everywhere in Canada and Alaska. No wonder. If you take a closer look at the map of Canada, you quickly realize that the densely populated regions of the country are not at all [...]

Enjoyment days at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

With these tips you are well equipped for a weekend of pleasure at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia. The lake lies between the Gailtal Alps and the Latschur group. In autumn, a trip to the Weissensee is worthwhile. Then you can wonderfully hike along the lake or in the mountains.

Slow Travel - The art of traveling slowly

We hear the question “What is Slow Travel?” Again and again on our travels. One returns to the “Grand Tour”, to journeys made for the sake of discovery. Travel for the sake of traveling - not because of the arrival. Traveling slowly is in. We also want to experience our travel destinations.

Camargue France - Experience the home of horses and bulls

The Camarque is located in the south of France. It doesn't go any further. At Les Saintes Maries de la Mer we look out over sandy beaches and the vastness of the Mediterranean. In the Camargue, the Rhone flows into the sea in a huge delta.

Edam - see the cheese village from the water

Many sights of the cheese town of Edam in Holland can be discovered from the water with a whisper boat. A tour through the city's canals shows you from an unusual perspective. Afterwards, a visit to the former cheese market and a stroll across the city's bridges are worthwhile.

Hanseatic City of Elburg in Holland - Sights

The Hanseatic city of Elburg is one of the towns in Holland that has retained its charm. If you enter the place behind the city wall, which has been almost completely preserved, you have the feeling that you are entering a different time.

Tour of the port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam has the largest container port in Europe. The sea is twenty-five kilometers from downtown Rotterdam. The tour through the port of Rotterdam shows us the Erasmus Bridge, a cruise ship and great views of the city.

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