The Viennese vineyards on #ViennaNow

Did you know that wine is grown in Vienna? We are not. There are even several vintners in the city who, among other things, grow Grüner Veltliner in Vienna, a fresh wine that is often drunk as a “spritz” in summer - a mixture of wine with mineral water.

Short breaks in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt

Advertisement - Admittedly, we haven't been there yet: short breaks in Emmendingen and Freudenstadt in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. However, if Goethe raved about the city of Emmendingen 200 years ago, then this place is certainly a travel destination that is interesting for us as pleasure travelers.

Summer vacation on the Aland archipelago

Aland Islands Advertisement - Have you ever thought about a summer vacation on the Aland Islands? We do. In fact, very intensely. The Aland Archipelago is one of our dream travel destinations: the sea is omnipresent. The world of the Finnish archipelago offers exactly what we are looking for an unforgettable holiday: lots of nature, good food, silence and seclusion. And[…]