Wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest

Advertisement - Bavarian Forest in the wellness hotel, in the yoga hotel or Bavarian Forest wellness with children Bavarian Forest in the wellness hotel In the wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest you experience pure deceleration. There are many offers that guarantee inner peace for the whole family in Bavaria. No matter whether you spend your vacation in a yoga hotel or wellness [...]

Enjoy the vineyards in Rheinhessen

The vineyards in Rheinhessen are known for Riesling, which thrives above all on the Rhine in the region of Nackenheim, Nierstein and Oppenheim. Mild temperatures, a lot of sun and little rainfall ensure growth conditions in which this type of wine grows.

Is Traveling in Uganda Safe?

Travel in Uganda, the African dream. Winston Churchill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa” and anyone who has ever visited it will understand what he meant. In hardly any other country can one experience so intensively what makes Africa so consciously experience the atmosphere of this unique continent.

Foreign languages ​​for travel

Ad – Foreign languages ​​for travel are essential if you want to get to know a country and its people well. Learning the language before a trip contributes to a deeper understanding of the culture or history of the destination as you can speak directly with locals.

The best champagne cellars

Advertisement - Kilometers of underground passages certainly suggest a treasure. But it doesn't always have to be gold and precious stones. For true champagne lovers, the millions of champagne bottles that are stored in such aisles, protected from light and heat, are more precious than a jewel.