A guest in the Mostviertel near Mostbaron Distelberger

The Mostviertel is at its most beautiful in spring. We drive through the Mostviertel near Amstetten in Lower Austria at the end of April. We immediately notice the pear trees. They are in full bloom. It should be over a million. This is what Gudrun Wiesenhofer from Mostviertel Tourism tells us. We're staying there for a few days in the spring. If[…]

Good restaurants in Mostviertel in Austria

Good restaurants in the Mostviertel Where can we find good restaurants in the Mostviertel? You know that our trips are always journeys of discovery into good regional cuisine. It was no different in the Mostviertel in Lower Austria. But we didn't expect so many good restaurants, rustic wine taverns and inns. In the gently rolling hills south of the Danube, more [...]