Enjoy Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau

From the Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein Wachau you have a view of the Danube and the hills that rise behind it. In addition to gourmet rooms, the hotel offers a spa with wellness and a pool on the roof with a view of the town and the Danube.

Experience the Wachau in autumn

Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. On the south-facing slopes in the western part of the Wachau, the sun shines on stone terraces on which wine varieties such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger Smaragd thrive. The vineyards change color. Winegrowers decorate their wine shops for autumn.

Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey through the Wachau

On a wine tour you can experience the Wachau and Danube in Wachau hotels that offer wine experiences. That works in these accommodations. Not all are pure wineries. Some are hotels with vineyards. Others are inns surrounded by vineyards. Still others are inns that offer a wine experience in the Wachau.

What can be seen in Retz in the Weinviertel

Retz im Weinviertel At the beginning of January we were in Retz in the Weinviertel in Lower Austria for a few days. The Hotel Althof in Retz invited us to get to know its new winegrower's room. There you can also go on holiday to Austria's wine-growing regions in winter. The hotel alone would have been enough to make us feel at home in Retz in the Weinviertel [...]

Hotel Althof Retz, where wine plays the main role

“Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine, they taste secrets!” This sentence by Salvador Dali above the bed in our vintner's room in the Hotel Althof Retz puts me in a wine-blissful mood. This should not leave me until the end of our stay in this hotel. It cannot be overlooked that in the Hotel Althof Retz the wine [...]

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

We were en route for three days on our Klostergarten route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We promised ourselves a pleasure for the eyes and senses. But the trip held a lot more surprises in store.

Wachau attractions for connoisseurs discover

Wachau sights for connoisseurs We present three Wachau sights for connoisseurs here. The Wachau in Austria is certainly one of the most famous travel regions in Lower Austria. The region is very popular not only because of the hit people around the "Mariandl from the Wachauer Landl". But you don't really enjoy hearing the song these days. At least [...]

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