Heuriger or Buschenschank - what is what?

Heuriger or wine tavern? It's not that easy to be familiar with the terminology of Austrian gastronomy. We have experienced this on our Austria trips to the wine regions of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria in recent years. Well, we were familiar with the term “Heuriger”. I associated the idea that it was a wine [...]

Why is the Therme Loipersdorf the Top Wellness Therme of Styria Spa?

“Letting go”, “experiencing” and “strengthening” are the three pillars. All activities and offers at Therme Loipersdorf are based on this. We can experience this both in the Lebenstherme, the health center and in “Mein Schaffelbad”, which celebrated its 2018th anniversary in 40.

Hotel suite with sauna in Loipersdorf

We are enthusiastic about the hotel suite with sauna in the Vier Jahreszeiten Thermenhotel in Loipersdorf in Styria in Austria. Only rarely do we break out into “Aahs” and “Ooohs” on the first walk through our hotel suite. The Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten with its rose suite succeeds with ease! Lots of space in the Rosen Suite in the hotel [...]

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