Autumn travel

So red are the leaves in Indian Summer in Quebec - autumn travels Fall Travel - So red are the leaves at Indian Summer in Quebec

Autumn trips we love to do. At the beginning of autumn it is often still so warm that we spend some evenings in beer gardens. Autumn temperatures are not so hot anymore, that you prefer to lie on the beach. Instead, we use every ray of sunshine to enjoy the golden days of October outdoors. In the last years we were always in the fall on the way. We discovered many rewarding autumn destinations. Among them is maybe one or the other for you.

Our tips for autumn travel

On our autumn trips, we have collected tips on how these can be great experiences. Because there is a lot to consider:

  • Use every free minute when the sun is shining. Inform yourself about webcams, how the weather is a few kilometers further. Because often their own environment sinks in the fog. Instead, the sun shines only a few miles away.
  • Bring along warm clothes and a rain jacket ! The wind often blows strongly in exposed areas. Then you are happy to have a warm jacket or a scarf that protects against a cold.
  • Nature gives us a lot in autumn. That's why we always bring a basket to collect nuts, chestnuts or beautiful autumn leaves.
  • Do not forget the camera! Especially in autumn, there are the most beautiful and colorful photo opportunities.
  • If it gets foggy, do not fret! Instead, you can then make atmospheric photos.

Autumn travel is one of the most beautiful trips in the year for us. How about you? Here are our suggestions for travel in the months of September to November.