Autumn travel

Lehnin Monastery – a weekend in the monastery

It takes just under an hour's drive to reach Kloster Lehnin from Berlin. Still, it means immersing yourself in another world. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the monastery offers a place of silence.

Canada in the fall

Autumn in Canada - a true color spectacle! Find out more about the most beautiful places to admire the colorful splendor of the forests. Combine the Indian Summer with a Canada tour! Discover the spectacular landscapes of Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces and immerse yourself in the autumn mood.

Time out in the monastery in Stams Abbey in Tyrol

We enjoyed a break at Stams Monastery in Tyrol. There are few places where you can relax as easily as in a monastery. Monasteries are ideal places to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is relaxation for body and soul!

Binz on Rügen - amber, white beach villas & star cuisine

Discover Binz sights such as amber, white beach villas and star cuisine. Stroll along the Baltic Sea beach. Learn more about Binz back then and find out where you can get to know the seaside resort on Rügen best. Use the tips for slow travelers and connoisseurs from TravelWorldOnline.

Styria Holidays to Savor for Connoisseurs

In Styria, people appreciate the delights of the region, which are produced on farms, wineries, distilleries, chocolate factories and cheese dairies. A Styrian vacation becomes a treat for the palate when you take the time to visit producers.

Baltic Sea Resorts and Hanseatic Cities – Baltic Sea Cities in Germany

Baltic cities in Germany fascinate. The seaside resorts invite you to a holiday by the sea. Many of them are on beaches that are worth visiting. Some are known for their spa architecture. Hanseatic cities on the Baltic Sea take their visitors into history. There you will learn interesting facts about the merchants who made them rich.

Weinberg Hotel in Wurzburg

Grandiose views of the old town and the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein await you at the Schlosshotel Steinburg in Würzburg. The Weinberg Hotel Würzburg is located in the middle of the vines above the Main and is perfect as a starting point for exploring the city and the Würzburg wine region.

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

This Würzburg wine tour is part of a pleasure trip in Franconia like a Schäufele with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is a Bavarian pleasure region and offers tasty dishes, various types of beer and excellent wines.

Camping at the Chiemsee - Here you will find campsites

When camping at the Chiemsee you can enjoy the best in Bavaria. On one side is the lake. On the other you can see the Chiemgau Alps. Chiemsee campsites can be found all around the lake. Some are right on the lake, others a little off the beaten track. However, the lake is never far away.

Aachen specialties and culinary tips

For pleasure travelers there are some specialties to discover in Aachen. These include the Aachen Printen. But there is more to eat in Aachen. For example, have you heard of Dresse Nougat? A different kind of sausage stand is also worth a visit.

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