Autumn travel

Where you can experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride

Mr. Reuter proves to be a connoisseur of the meadow landscape. No wonder, since he has lived here for years and experiences the regular flooding of the meadows. Every year the Rhine floods the Urdenbacher Kämpe. Mr. Reuter shows them to us on a carriage ride.

Discover Bad Windsheim and the surrounding area

Discover Bad Windsheim and the surrounding area in Franconia. Here you will find tips for connoisseurs and slow travelers that we have collected in this region in Franconia. Here you will find what the city and the region in Franconia have to offer for pleasure travelers.

Three attractions in Charlottetown, PEI

Three attractions in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island's capital, Charlottetown, is not great. No wonder, since the province whose government city it is is the smallest in Canada. Nevertheless, it played an important role in the history of the country: this is where today's Canada was founded. And so the city also offers some sights that you can see on a [...]

Canada in the fall

Enjoy autumn in Canada When autumn comes in Canada, the endless forests of Quebec and Ontario are transformed into a unique sea of ​​color. It only takes one ice-cold night to set this spectacle in motion, which is commonly known as the “Indian Summer”. It is not possible to determine exactly when this firework of colors will begin. [...]

Sightseeing tour of the Muskoka region in Ontario

We take two days for a sightseeing tour through the Muskoka region in Ontario. In Canada, this holiday region is also called the “Cottage Country” because here - only about an hour and a half north of Toronto - many residents of the metropolis have their holiday homes. Some of them are actually "cottages", which literally means so much [...]

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