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Slow Travel - The art of traveling slowly

We hear the question “What is Slow Travel?” Again and again on our travels. One returns to the “Grand Tour”, to journeys made for the sake of discovery. Travel for the sake of traveling - not because of the arrival. Traveling slowly is in. We also want to experience our travel destinations.

Top Attraction Germany: Main

Our top attraction Germany is neither in the extreme north nor south, but in and around Schweinfurt and Würzburg. In the meantime, we have particularly taken a liking to the Main. What we like so much about it, we present to you here.

Potato dumplings in Canada

Do you know that? You are traveling in your dreamland, and actually everything should be perfect now: finally you are traveling in the country that you always wanted to see. It turns out to be a lot nicer than you expected. The landscapes are breathtaking. The people are warm and extremely hospitable. The food corresponds to [...]

Holiday for two with a suitcase

What do we actually need on our travels? For several years now, the weight and the amount of clothes and other things that we take with us on trips have been decreasing more and more. You can find out how to do this here.

Three destinations in March, April and May

What are good travel destinations in March, April and May? You're slowly longing for warmth, sunshine and a sea of ​​flowers again, right? Hopefully spring will not be long in coming. In recent years we have been on the road more often in the spring. We discovered excursion and travel destinations where you can experience spring. [...]

Photo highlights 2 / 2016 photo-parade

What are our photo highlights from the 2nd half of 2016? Michael has asked this question for the fourth time. So it is time again to search our photo archive for the best photos from the second half of 2016. We are following Michael's call for his photo parade #FoPaNet 2 2016. This is definitely [...]

Windows and doors as a photo motive

Windows and doors are my favorite photo motif "I prefer to take photos ..." - it was this headline that struck me first. Gudrun from called for a blog parade, the subject of which spoke to me right away. And aroused curiosity. I then browsed through my photo archive and came across astonishing things: it's not food [...]