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Where are we traveling 2016?

The beginning of the year is the hot planning phase for our trips in the next twelve months. The question arises: where are we going in 2016? It usually takes a few weeks or even months until we definitely know where our travels will lead us. An exciting time! But also a time in which we meet with many [...]

Best pictures in 2. Half year 2015

Best pictures in the 2nd half of 2015 - that interests us. Especially when it comes to photos, we like to take part in blog parades. This time Michael from Explore the World called for the best pictures from the 2nd half of 2015 to be selected for certain categories. We are very happy to participate. Since July we have been to some [...]

Dream trip, where money does not matter

You can still dream, right? And especially when it comes to our dream trip to regions for which we have all the financial means to make it a reality. When I saw Janina's and Katharina's call for their blog parade on SOS wanderlust with this topic, the Arctic immediately occurred to me, a [...]

Traveling as a couple - what we like about it

The way of traveling has changed a lot - for me at least - in the course of my life. In the early years of my travel life, I was mostly traveling alone - and believe me, I had great and exciting experiences that I wouldn't want to miss - I spent part of my professional trips (as a tour guide and later [...]