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Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

Wiesenburg Palace and Park We discovered the Wiesenburg Palace Park in Fläming when we were looking for destinations for connoisseurs south of Berlin. There we experienced a few beautiful autumn days just outside Berlin in the region of Wiesenburg Mark, which make the trip unforgettable for us. Our trip took us around Bad Belzig. ... go to Article

Schloss Leopoldskron and The Sound of Music

Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg We have known Schloss Leopoldskron for several years now. So far, however, we have always seen it only on sightseeing tours in the footsteps of the musical The Sound of Music from the other side of the lake. One of the reasons was that until two years ago, the castle was used for seminars and workshops of the Salzburg Global ... go to Article

Proschwitz Castle 'incredible success story

Proschwitz Castle in Saxony "I am the princess" is how the friendly lady greets us in front of the gate of Castle Proschwitz in Saxony. "Follow me quickly before the thunderstorm approaches!" She looks at the dark clouds that are now getting closer. "I want to give you the view from our vineyard on Meißen beforehand ... go to Article

Christmas market in Hellbrunn Palace

The Christmas market in Hellbrunn Palace Christmas market in Hellbrunn Palace - what makes it so special? The most beautiful Salzburg Christmas market is definitely the Christmas market in Schloss Hellbrunn. A whole forest adorned with thick red Christmas baubles is in the time before Christmas in the courtyard of Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg. In these … go to Article

Castle Tours in Germany to famous Castles in Saxony

Three Baroque castles in Saxony Everybody who loves castles should know these three baroque castles in Saxony. The Dresden Zwinger impresses with its orangery. Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul offers excellent wines. And Castle Moritzburg finally offers a great location as a moated castle. Castles magically attract us. They are full of stories, ... go to Article

Discover Cawdor Castle in Scotland

Cawdor Castle in Nairn Cawdor Castle in Nairn (Map) is located only about 23 kilometers northeast of Inverness. That's why a visit is worthwhile during a short visit to Inverness. We drive for half an hour on country roads past green landscapes. That's what we thought of Scotland. The country owes us nothing. It is green, … go to Article

So a visit to Castle Mildenstein is an experience

Admittedly, we had never heard of Castle Mildenstein before our journey through the castles of Saxony. Nevertheless, we visited her. Because we were invited to an event. We should learn to cook in medieval style. That definitely aroused our curiosity. A few years ago we had tried medieval (pilgrim) food in Stein am Rhein for the first time. This time ... go to Article

Knight's dinner in the castle Lockenhaus

Knight's meal at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland We are invited to a knight's meal at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, a delightful journey of a special kind. The castle towers high above the small town of the same name. We also spend the night in the castle. Part of the former dilapidated castle has been prepared for overnight guests. Anyway, we are in ... go to Article

Castle Deutschkreutz in Burgenland

One of our trips to Burgenland takes us to the castle Deutschkreutz. This is a renaissance castle in a small village near the Austro-Hungarian border. However, it is not a castle that immediately attracts attention because it has extensive parks around it. Even its size does not help to attract attention, because it is also ... go to Article

Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt

Esterházy Palace in Burgenland's capital Eisenstadt tells many stories. By Joseph Haydn, who worked here for many years. Or of the immeasurably rich princely family Esterházy, which was even richer - but also more generous - than the Austrian emperors. Too generous, as it turned out, but their debt over generations on Heller and Pfennig ... go to Article

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