Christmas dinner

Torrone - white nougat from Italy

Torrone is white nougat from Italy. The Arabs invented this specialty. They brought the white nougat with nuts to Spain. There it is called turrón. There are different types of nougat that are produced in many European countries today.

Christmas drinks and cocktails

When it's cold and uncomfortable outside, there's nothing better than a warming mulled wine or eggnog. Don't forget to have some delicious drinks and cocktails on your list! What's your favorite Christmas drink?

Which recipes make mulled wine a pleasure

Mulled wine tastes best when it is homemade. With the mulled wine ingredients you can determine the taste yourself. Here you can find out which mulled wine recipes we particularly like. For example, do you know the oldest mulled wine recipe? Or a recipe for white mulled wine?

Gingerbread recipe from my mom

When the aromas of cardamom, cloves and almonds fill the kitchen, then Advent is not far off. Then the baking time begins. Gingerbread was part of our home every year at this time. My mother was a great cook who loved to bake. Her recipes are old family recipes. I am happy to share her gingerbread recipe with you!

Black and white cookies

The black and white biscuits were always a highlight on my mum's Advent plate. She tried very hard. At least in our children's eyes. They are very easy to prepare though. You can find out how to bake them yourself in this black and white biscuit recipe.