Slovenia's cities

Three treat tips for Slovenia

These tips for Slovenia for connoisseurs make a tour through this country an experience for all those who love to enjoy excellent cuisine, like to relax in thermal baths and not only experience a meal with the palate, but also dine with a beautiful view .

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia

Sweet Radovljica in Slovenia! It is as ambiguous as it sounds. On the one hand, the small town of Radovljica in northwestern Slovenia is a cute little place. On the other hand, it deserves this nickname, because Radovljica produces a lot of sweet things.

Three sights in Ljubljana

We got to know three Ljubljana sights on a flying visit during our trip through Slovenia. That is by far not all Ljubljana has to offer in terms of attractions. But our tour showed us that the city has a lot to offer.

Ptuj Slovenia - of wine, coffee and history

The place Ptuj in the north of Slovenia is not that small with its almost 24.000 inhabitants, its castle that towers over the Drava and its old town, in which a lot is reminiscent of the Austrian past of the city. Ptuj Slovenia is the oldest city in this country.