Country life & enjoyment

Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

A vacation on the farm at the Chiemsee is an opportunity to experience this lake and its surroundings authentically and up close. At the moment, a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee is trendy. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy nature and the cuisine of the region.

Hygge living in autumn and winter

The Danes have always practiced it. Hygge Living. When the days get longer and the temperatures colder, then you feel most comfortable at home. Eat something good with family or friends by the fireplace. Make autumn and winter feel-good months with these ideas.

Making butter yourself in the butter barrel - That's how it works

Making butter yourself from cream or milk How you can make butter yourself in a butter churn, my grandmother showed me many years ago. As a child I would often sit in her kitchen and watch her butter. That was a long time ago, however. I wanted to make butter myself like in the past. Therefore [...]

Autumn decoration for outside

Autumnal decoration for outside is part of the annual routine every year. Inspired by autumn decorations all over the world, we present autumn decoration ideas for outside that you can make yourself with simple means. Here you can find suggestions.

Picnic accessories - what do you take with you to a picnic?

Time to get picnic supplies. The sun is shining. Flowers bloom. The deciduous trees are green again. Birds chirp and nature lures us outdoors. We have already discovered some picnic locations where we can enjoy this during our pleasure trips. But what do you take with you to a picnic? You can find the answer here.

Ideas for a perfect picnic

Eating outdoors is trendy. You can find tips for a perfect picnic here. Many are discovering how much fun a snack in the park, at a rest area in the forest or on a hike in the mountains can be. You can take a break in many places. In the nature. But also at home in the garden.

Hotel Seeblick in Klietz - A look into the cooking pots

The Elb-Havel-Winkel The Hotel Seeblick in Klietz * opens its kitchen for us. We are back in the Altmark region as kitchen spies. We were invited by the Elb-Havel-Winkel tourism authority in Saxony-Anhalt. This is the region on the other bank of the Elbe. Strictly speaking, the area no longer belongs to the Altmark. The Elbe separates the Elbe Havel Land from [...]

Harvest elder flowers for a day for connoisseurs

From the end of May to July, elder flowers are not to be overlooked on the edges of the forest. Then their flowers shine between the green of the bushes. You can find an elderberry location on every excursion into nature. These elderflower blossom recipes make the trip a pleasure.

Pure enjoyment - strawberry rhubarb tiramisu

When the strawberries are ripe, the rhubarb harvest season also begins. Because the two fruits harmonize very well with each other. we like to combine them in dishes. One of them is our strawberry rhubarb tiramisu.

Country life and enjoyment - dandelion salad with flowers

What country life and enjoyment mean for us Country life and enjoyment are closely related. We experienced that first hand today. As many of you know, we moved to the country a year ago. Today we live in the northern Rupertiwinkel on the Bavarian-Austrian border. That life in the country is different from our life in the Munich area, [...]

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