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Hiking and wine on the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

The pleasure mile takes place in Gumpoldskirchen in September. This is a wine festival that takes place every year in the Thermenregion wine region. It heralds the grape harvest. You can hike in the Vienna Woods. Only 27 kilometers away from Vienna, the place is surrounded by vineyards.

Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Directly behind the town of Ipsheim in Franconia, the Ipsheim vineyards rise below Hoheneck Castle, on whose clay soils Franconian wines that taste fine and aromatic grow. A country road winds up the mountain between the plots of the vintners, on which we walk through the vineyards undisturbed by car traffic.

Mango-mint smoothie with tortellini salad

Recipe for a mango-mint smoothie with pizza tortellini salad. We tried the recipe for the smoothie for the first time in the monastery kitchen in Altzella Monastery in Saxony. The herbs came from the monastery garden.

Franconian wine country to savor and pleasure hikes

The Franconian wine country is a perfect destination for connoisseurs and slow travelers. Hiking in the Franconian wine country is fun. There are romantic wine places that are worth discovering. Franconian wine country means lovingly maintained half-timbered architecture, paved squares and winding alleys.

Discover the 5 best located wineries in South Africa

The Cape Town region is home to 5 of the most beautiful wineries in South Africa. The region north of Cape Town is one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the Cape. Here gentle hills alternate with mountain peaks, sandy beaches and the sea.

Viennese coffeehouse - where is this?

A typical Viennese coffee house - where can you find them? We take a day to search for the original Viennese coffee house and get tips from our friends from Austria and on Facebook before and during our coffee house tour through Vienna. If we all took it to heart, we would have to spend weeks in Vienna ... go to Article

Hot chocolate in the Burgcafe in Bad Belzig

“Be sure to try the hot chocolate at Burg Bad Belzig in Eisenhardt Castle!” I didn't have to say that twice after our hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. Hot chocolate always sounds good, especially if it is made from real chocolate.

to discover Salzburg culinary sides

Discover Salzburg culinary at the eat & meet Festival As the loyal readers among you know, we have recently been on a tour of discovery in Salzburg. The city in Austria is not only worth a visit because of its beautiful location. It's worth taking a closer look behind the scenes of the city of Mozart. ... go to Article

The Viennese vineyards on #ViennaNow

Advertisement - did you know that wine is grown in Vienna? We are not. There are even several winemakers in the city who, among other things, grow the Grüner Veltliner in Vienna, a fresh wine that is often drunk as a “splash” in summer - a mixture of wine with mineral water. Very refreshing, as we do on our own ... go to Article

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

Wine tour Würzburg This wine tour Würzburg is part of a pleasure trip in Franconia like a shovel with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is a Bavarian region of indulgence and offers, in addition to tasty dishes, various types of beer and excellent wines. What could be more obvious than when we travel through the Franconian wine country with the motorhome ... go to Article

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