How do you pour a Glass of Guinness?

A visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a visit to the museum, which is all about the Irish dark ale. Spread over several floors are the showrooms of historical documents, beer vats, fermentation canisters and fun promotional ideas that the Guinness Brewery in Dublin has used throughout its history.

Irish Pub in Dublin - What to Know Before Visiting

A visit to the Irish Pub in Dublin, the living room of the Irish - what you should know about it. During our stay in Dublin we had the opportunity to study the pub culture of the Irish a little more closely.

Best cider from Canada from Sea Cider Farm

The best cider on Vancouver Island comes from the Heritage apples that Sea Cider uses to make its wine. You can test this at a cider tasting at the Sea Cider Farm in Saanichton north of Victoria. Let yourself be surprised by the apple wines from Vancouver Island.

Cesenatico restaurants serve cocktails and pasta

Cocktails and pasta in the Cesenatico restaurants - what could be nicer than sitting in a bar on a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast or enjoying Italian dolce far niente in one of the restaurants.

How to prepare an absinthe drink

Absinthe is a drink with a story. It came into fashion in Switzerland at the end of the 19th century, but continued its success story almost immediately in France. It consists of herbs: including anise, fennel, lemon balm, hyssop and St. John's wort.

Rum Stories and Rum Tastings

Rum stories and rum samples Rum stories and rum samples were on the program during our visit to the Mercure Stuttgart City Center Hotel. We spent two days in the capital of Baden-Württemberg at the CMT tourism fair. The hotel invited us for two days and presented us with its latest bar delicacy - rum and a [...]

Bon Appetit in Ireland - Discover Food Trends

Ireland's Food Trends Bon Appetit in Ireland! Ten years ago I would have thought that I would never say that. At that time, the food on the island consisted mainly of overcooked cabbage or broccoli, potatoes and Irish stew. Various types of root vegetables brought a bit of variety into the meal. You searched in vain for fruit on the menus. [...]

Canada's single malt whiskey from Glenora

Canada's single malt whiskey is distilled at the Glenora Distillery & Inn on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. In addition to being a whiskey distillery, Glenora also has a hotel and restaurant with some of the best cuisine on the island.

Christmas drinks and cocktails

Drinks and cocktails for Christmas At Christmas time, hot and alcoholic drinks taste particularly good after a day on the slopes. The bartenders in the après-ski bars of Denver, Colorado, and in ski resorts like Breckenridge are quite inventive, and so they mix a range of cocktails to revitalize body and soul after a sporty day.

Glenfiddich Whiskey - in family hands since 1887

  We love the ambience that old traditional businesses like the Glenfiddich Whiskey Distillery in Scotland exude. The whiskeys are often stored in oak barrels for decades behind stone walls. Glenfiddich even has whiskeys that are more than 125 years old. If you approach a whiskey distillery, you can already smell the scent of the "share [...]" before entering the production facility.

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