Vancouver Miku Restaurant serves sushi for European palates

  Vancouver's restaurants are definitely one thing: international, varied and, above all, good. There are few cities in which the guest can dine in such diverse ways as in the metropolis on Canada's west coast. In addition, the restaurant scene in Vancouver attracts numerous award-winning chefs from all over the world, who show off their skills here. [...]

Slow Food in Canada: lobster and caviar

Slow Food in Canada: You can get crabs, lobster, caviar and salmon from the neighbors A slow food menu in New Brunswick reads like a who's who of the most delicious seafood specialties that the Atlantic coast in Canada has to offer: there are crabs, lobsters , Caviar and salmon - fresh or smoked - on the table. [...]

Last beer brewer in Bad Windsheim

Wilhelm Döbler III. - Last brewer in Bad Windsheim Beer initially had a difficult time in Bad Windsheim and the surrounding area. The former free imperial city is actually in an area where wine has always played a major role. Beer has been brewed in this place since 1589. There are even real beer regions in [...]

Lobsters eat in Atlantic Canada

How to Eat New Brunswick Style Lobster Eating lobster is part of every trip through Atlantic Canada. If you don't try it at least once, you can't say that you've got to know this region. Because lobster is a staple food in the Atlantic regions of Canada. On Prince Edward Island, it was once the “poor people's meal”. You used to have it there [...]

Restaurant and gourmet scene in Denver, Colorado

Denver restaurant and gourmet scene Denver in Colorado is widely known to us as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. In winter, winter sports enthusiasts, skiers and snowboarders land there, whose destinations are the ski areas in the American Rocky Mountains such as Vail, Aspen or Breckenridge. In summer the friends of the Rocky Mountains come to the airport [...]

Fresh fruits and vegetables from the Ile d'Orléans

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the Ile d'Orléans The Ile d'Orléans at the gates of Québec City is a true paradise for connoisseurs: Jacques Cartier, the first European to visit you in the 16th century on one of his trips up the Saint Lawrence River discovered, referred to it as the island of Bacchus. At that time, however, he had no idea [...]

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