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Enjoy typical Scottish food and drink

What is typical Scottish food and drink? You can find typical Scottish food and drink in pubs as well as in restaurants or hotels in Scotland. It's not just shortbread and whiskey. Although of course these are also part of trips to savor. We notice one thing very quickly during our stay in Scotland. Scottish food is hearty and ... go to Article

Culinary travel - How does it Work?

Culinary trips are trendy. These are not just trips to savor or gourmet trips. Culinary travel is slow travel par excellence. Slow travelers want to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of their travel destinations, but they also want to look behind the scenes. Let's go! Pack your suitcase and go on a journey for connoisseurs. To check out our tips ... go to article

Trips to Savor - What do They Include?

What are trips to savor? Good question! We have been traveling the world under this motto for years, and here we introduce you to what we mean by that. Trips to savor are more than culinary journeys for us, although of course good food, a pleasant restaurant and a nice ambience are all part of it. ... go to Article

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Canadian ice wine in Munich! We were invited to a presentation of Canadian wines from the Inniskillin Winery in the Niagara region. The evening took place in the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Both the Ontario Tourism Board and Inniskillin Winery were hosts. They even traveled with their own cook. He received us ... go to Article

South Africa Winelands Tour to the best Vineyards in South Africa

The five best-located wineries in South Africa in the Winelands The region around Cape Town has five of the best-located wineries in South Africa. I got to know and appreciate them on my travels through the country. The region north of Cape Town is one of the most scenic regions in the country. Here gentle hills alternate with ... go to Article

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer Carp

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer carp Why not celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer carp? We spent a few days in Bad Windsheim. Among other things, we visited the carp museum in Neustadt an der Aisch. In an old building on the city wall the visitor learns everything there is to know about the Aischgründer carp ... go to Article

Plum Pudding Recipe - How to prepare Christmas Pudding

Plum pudding in English style Plum pudding is part of the traditional Christmas festival in the UK like the Christstollen in Germany - with this plum pudding recipe you can make the Christmas pudding yourself. And maybe a little more tasty than this traditional dessert is generally said to be. Because not even the British agree on whether the plum pudding now ... go to Article

Salzburg for Christmas: Stiftskeller

Salzburg for Christmas in the Stiftskeller St. Peter We were in Salzburg for Christmas. As is usually the case before Christmas: once we start visiting Christmas markets each year, we want to see more and more. Christmas spirit is contagious - at least for us. We can not get enough of it. Thus we go already at the end of November ... go to Article

Coffee & Culture in a Cafe in Salzburg

Coffee & Culture in a Cafe in Salzburg As soon as you enter it, you know that Austrian culture is present in this cafe in Salzburg. Not every cafe in Salzburg, however, meets the expectations. There are cafe pastry shops that have nothing to do with Austrian coffeehouses. You could also ... go to Article

Aachen specialties and culinary tips

Aachen specialties For connoisseurs there are some Aachen specialties to discover in this town. Of course, this includes the Aachen Printen, how could it be otherwise? But there are even more culinary delights Aachen has to offer. Have you heard of Dresse Nougat, for example? Aachen also has a lot to offer, what the ... go to Article

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