Restaurants + cafes

Hot chocolate in the Burgcafe in Bad Belzig

“Be sure to try the hot chocolate at Burg Bad Belzig in Eisenhardt Castle!” I didn't have to say that twice after our hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park. Hot chocolate always sounds good, especially if it is made from real chocolate.

South Styrian Wine Route - Buschenschank

The South Styrian Wine Route always winds along the ridge of the chain of hills, the slopes of which drop steeply down into the valley. Many of the wineries are on the hilltop. Others nestle close to the mountain slopes. Some lie over the valley like an eagle's nest.

Sustainable vacation in Styria

The Lambrechthof offers in the nature park hotel in Sankt Lambrecht promise enjoyment with a natural experience. We are on the way with gourmet chef Erich Pucher to his suppliers from the region and explore the Dürnberger Moor, a remnant from the Ice Age.

Two cafes in Neanderland

Two cafes in Neanderland show how different cafes are. They were both good! But the “Café Experience” couldn't have been more different. We visited these two cafes.

Restaurants in the Spreewald

Four restaurants in the Spreewald that we can recommend. In these you can enjoy Spreewald specialties with a view of the water, in a charming café, at a candlelight dinner for romantics and with elegance in a castle restaurant.

Dinner on the beach at Nederzandt Strandplaats

During our trip to the Flower Parade in the Bollenstreek, we discovered a great restaurant for a romantic dinner on the beach or a dinner with friends in Noordwijk in Holland: Strandplaats Nederzandt. The very idea of ​​building a restaurant in the middle of the dunes deserves respect. The result is such an excellent restaurant as Strandplaats Nederzandt [...]

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