Smaland Sweden Landmarks: The Kingdom of Crystal

In the south-east of Smaland Sweden there is a region whose soil consists mainly of hard rock on which thick forests grow. There is a lot of that in Glasriket in Smaland. There are a total of 12 glass factories in the Smaland Kingdom of Crystal.

The right glass of wine for tastings

Did you know that it plays a big role in which glass the wine is served? The right glass with the wine is just as important as the right food that is served with it.

Cozy cafe in the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland

A Cafe in the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland We are looking for a Cafe in the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland. We discover this pretty café. "Perfect", I think to myself. "The ideal place for our lunch after our visit to the Glass Factory." Maja Heuer, the Director of the Glass Factory later confirmed this when I [...]

Glass factory in Vermont with a covered bridge

It's pouring rain. it's pouring And it's pouring. The sky empties buckets of water on us. Not exactly the best weather for outdoor attractions, so we're very glad that a glass factory in Vermont is on our agenda today. As it turns out, this is exactly the right occupation for such a day.[…]

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