Mesa Verde National Park hiking trails

Hiking is part of Mesa Verde National Park. On these Mesa Verde National Park hiking trails you can explore the Cliff Dwellings as well as the landscape on Table Mountain in Colorado. Many of the trails follow paths used by cliff-dwellers.

Moselle tour around Alf on the Moselle

Alf on the Moselle is a good starting point for a Moselle tour in a convertible or by car. The river and the vineyards offer destinations for hikers and romantics. Arras Castle, Zell an der Mosel and Bad Bertrich are worthwhile excursion destinations for a weekend on the Moselle.

Discover the Waginger See and its surroundings

The Chiemgau Alps offer a great sight on a tour through the Alpine foothills. Sunny weather beckons for an Alpine panorama tour from Waginger See to Nussdorf in Chiemgau. With these tips you can enjoy this excursion.

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park - UNESCO World Heritage & fairytale home

Discover one of the last primeval forests in Germany in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. In the visitor center and the beech forests you can find out interesting facts about the primeval forests of the region. You will experience this from all perspectives on the treetop path.

Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel

On this hike on the Rursee in the Eifel you can enjoy the Eifel National Park while hiking on the Rursee with culinary breaks. A hiking trail leads directly along the lake from Einruhr to Rurberg. This offers views of the dense forests on both sides of the lake.

Where can you go hiking in Germany?

Where can you go hiking in Germany? Hiking is fun in the regions presented here. They are off the tourist routes. Here you can enjoy hikes with views of beautiful landscapes and take a break in country restaurants or at a picnic on orchards.

Gifts for hikers

Here you will find suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers. Everyone who enjoys being out in nature will be happy to receive one of these gifts. They show that you have thought about what he needs for his hobby - hiking or mountaineering.

Wine hiking in Franconia - An unforgettable experience

The Franconian wine-growing region stretches along the Main. Not only are there excellent wines there, the way of life of the people is also shaped by wine. On a wine hike in Franconia you can experience this well on a wine hike through the vineyards.

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Which lightweight hiking shoes are best for wide feet and where can you buy them? Here are answers to these questions. You can also buy the best hiking shoes for wide feet and problem feet online here.

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