Hotels in Sweden

Wellness at the lake in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland

Wellness at the lake in Sweden - from every pool you have a view of the lake in front of the hotel. Add to that the tranquility of the lake, from which the hollow cry of an ice diver on the shore only echoes from time to time. Wellness at the lake has never been better!

B&B for gourmets in Smaland Sweden: Grimsnäs Herrgard

Grimsnäs Herrgard consists of several buildings that the current owners Mia and Sune Markmann are lovingly and enthusiastically restoring and preparing for their guests. Simply but lovingly furnished rooms are offered in the main building and in a neighboring building.

VOX Hotel in Jönköping - an innovative hotel concept

At the VOX Hotel in Jönköping, the guest is important. We feel this in our luxury suite, during our tour of the hotel and during the meals we eat in the hotel restaurant. The guest should feel comfortable and find exactly the right room for their needs.

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel in Gothenburg

The Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel is located in the Lindholmen Science Park in the Lindholmen district on the north bank of the Göta Älv River. Lindholmen was Gothenburg's shipyard. Today research and education play a major role there.

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