Spa on Lake Constance with direct access to the lake

Decelerate in natural surroundings with a selection of saunas and baths and access to Lake Constance, which invites you to cool off. This is possible in the Bora HotSpaResort in Radolfzell with its spa on Lake Constance.

Hotels in Helsinki city center with airport shuttle

Which hotel in downtown Helsinki offers an airport shuttle? This is good to know, as Helsinki Airport is about 20 km outside of the city. These four hotels organize an airport shuttle. However, there are also alternatives.

Kurhaus Binz: Grande Dame of the resort architecture

It's already over 100 years old: the Kurhaus in Binz, the grande dame of spa architecture in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Baltic Sea. With its grandiose facade in yellow, white and blue, it stands at the end of the pier.

Four hotels in North Holland

Which hotels in North Holland are special? On our spring trip to the tulips we got to know four very different hotels in North Holland. Each of them in itself promises a very special experience.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto at the CN Tower

Do you know what it's like when you are booked into a five-star hotel and you don't know whether you will feel comfortable in the exclusive surroundings of such a top hotel? In some of these top hotels, the guest is treated slightly condescendingly and I usually feel somehow out of place. Quite different in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto: the […]

Gräflicher Park in Bad Driburg - Spa Hotel with finesse

Gräflicher Park in Bad Driburg Even the name Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg makes us sit up and take notice when the invitation from North Rhine-Westphalia flutters into our house. That sounds like a stately property that fits in with our hotels with ambience. In addition, the Gräflicher Park Grand Resort offers two things that we are happy to report on: a park and [...]

Bömers Mosellandhotel in Alf

The Moselle valley has charm. On the slopes of the valley, the vineyards reach up to the ridge. Again and again we see the names of well-known wines on signs that show us where they are grown. Bömers Mosellandhotel in Alf is our starting point for excursions.

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

The Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof is a hotel whose ambience takes us back to the days when the cogs of the Hanseatic merchants still shipped malt and grain from Stralsund to other Hanseatic cities in the Baltic States. The history of the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund goes back to 1383.

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