Hotels in Austria

Schlosshotel Rosenau for connoisseurs & Freemasons

“What do Freemasons and connoisseurs have in common?” You will probably ask yourself. Our answer is: "The Schlosshotel Rosenau in the Waldviertel." This castle hotel goes back to one of the typical square courtyards of the region and today welcomes guests.

Burgenland Regions on the border - that is how you live there

Borderland Many Burgenland regions border several foreign countries: Slovakia in the north, Hungary in the east and Slovenia in the south. Borders have always played a major role in the history of this country - and it was usually quite dramatic. No wonder, then, when many of its residents are living in the borderland [...]

Hotel am Mirabellplatz in Salzburg

Especially in cities that are full of history themselves. Salzburg is such a city where you stumble across a different piece of history from the Salzburger Land in Austria at practically every corner. The Hotel am Mirabellplatz is such a place.

Winery rooms in the estate Pössnitzberg in Styria

Have you ever slept with grapevines in the room? No? We do. The winery rooms at Gut Pössnitzberg in Styria make this possible. There is no bedside table next to the bed, but a plant pot in which real grapevines grow. Behind it there are climbing grids on the wall, perhaps to give the vines a hold for their [...]

On the way in the Spirit Park of the event and seminar hotel Krainerhütte

Surrounded by the densely wooded hills of the Vienna Woods, the event and seminar hotel Krainerhütte is located on the Schwechat not far from Baden near Vienna in Lower Austria. We have already passed this hotel a few times, because you cannot overlook the large hotel complex on the B210 in Helenental. However, we had no idea what was behind it. [...]

Knight's dinner in the castle Lockenhaus

Knight's dinner at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland We are invited to a knight's dinner at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, a special kind of pleasure trip. The castle towers above the small town of the same name. We also spend the night in the castle. Part of the formerly dilapidated castle has been prepared for overnight guests. In any case, we are in a [...]

Hotel Johann Strauss in Vienna

The best thing about the 4-star Hotel Johann Strauss* in Vienna is its ideal location between Belvedere Palace, Naschmarkt and Karlsplatz in Vienna. All three are within easy walking distance of the hotel. And the city center is not far either: just a few steps from the hotel is the underground station Taubstummengasse, from which[…]

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