Hotels in Holland

Experience the Dutch North Sea coast on a weekend in Holland

A holiday on the Dutch North Sea coast can be so varied. A mudflat hike is an absolute must. But have you ever poured candles yourself or watched how mustard is made in a mustard mill? Find out more about culinary specialties and find out more about fishing in the region.

Four hotels in North Holland

Which hotels in North Holland are special? On our spring trip to the tulips we got to know four very different hotels in North Holland. Each of them in itself promises a very special experience.

Best accommodation in Texel for a luxury getaway

Discovering the best Texel accommodation in the luxury segment is not easy in the island villages. The main town of the island, Den Burg, does not offer a luxury hotel. In De Koog, on the other hand, there are three exclusive Texel accommodations. They are behind the dunes but offer access to the beach.

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