Hotels in Styria

The luxury hotel Falkensteiner in Schladming, Austria

The Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming is located directly in Schladming with a view of the city's ski mountain. But it also offers opportunities to spend a summer holiday here in summer. The Dachstein is only a few kilometers away. It is a destination for excursions in both summer and winter.

Tips for a wellness weekend in Schladming, Austria

A Styrian weekend to feel good in Austria - who doesn't dream of that? We treat ourselves to a stay at the Schladming Spa Hotel Falkensteiner in Schladming, Austria. A wellness weekend in the mountains.

Tradition in the Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee

The ancestral home of the Archduke Johann Hotel Bad Aussee was built in the 14th century. Since 1848 the house has borne the name of Archduke Johann, the great friend and patron of Styria. As early as 1900, the Erzherzog Johann Hotel was a spa hotel in Austria.

Wine and wellness at the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort

The Loisium Wine & Spa Resort in southern Styria rightly bears its name. "Lois" is short for Langenlois, the place where the first Loisium Resort was built. “Elysium” means paradise in Greek mythology. A good description for this hotel.

Three Styria hotels for connoisseurs

Discover three Styria hotels for connoisseurs, for whom the enjoyment of their guests is the top priority. Each of these hotels interprets “enjoyment” in its own way. It offers its guests an authentic experience.

Sustainable vacation in Styria

The Lambrechthof offers in the nature park hotel in Sankt Lambrecht promise enjoyment with a natural experience. We are on the way with gourmet chef Erich Pucher to his suppliers from the region and explore the Dürnberger Moor, a remnant from the Ice Age.

Winery rooms in the estate Pössnitzberg in Styria

Have you ever slept with grapevines in the room? No? We do. The winery rooms at Gut Pössnitzberg in Styria make this possible. There is no bedside table next to the bed, but a plant pot in which real grapevines grow. Behind it there are climbing grids on the wall, perhaps to give the vines a hold for their [...]

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