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You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

You want to buy a hiking backpack Do you want to buy a hiking backpack that meets your requirements? Which fits for your hiking equipment? Then it is important that you first understand what your hikes usually look like. Before you buy, you should ask yourself a few questions so that you can choose the right hiking backpack for you. Not everyone … go to Article

Cool backpacks

Cool backpacks for city trips are also chic accessories for a city tour. A backpack for shopping works well. They have to be practical and look good. And, if possible, still perform certain functions that you need on city trips. Here is a selection.

Suitcase, trolley or backpack?

Suitcase trolley or backpack? What is best for the trip? Suitcase trolley or backpack? We asked ourselves the questions for a long time on our travels. Because we travel so often, our luggage has adapted to the duration and type of travel. We now know what is practical and pack accordingly. Maybe you are interested ... go to Article