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Nikon D5300 - Perfect travel logger camera

The Nikon D5300 is the (almost) perfect travel blogger camera. It can do everything that makes my life as a travel blogger easier: it delivers high-resolution photos in excellent quality. I can shoot video scenes with her. It has WiFi, with which I can transfer the photos from the SLR camera to my mobile phone via an app.

A sun hat when the sun is shining outside

A sun hat with neck protection protects against the sun. Do you know that? Outside, the sun is shining from the sky and you can't get enough of it. Then a sun hat with neck protection for girls is advisable as sun protection.

Packing list for vacation - what do you need for the trip?

With this packing list for the vacation you won't forget anything you need for your trip. Use the checklist to check whether you have packed everything you need for the trip. If you still need something, you can conveniently order it online via the shop pages.

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