10 Viewpoints on the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. However, you have to know where to best record them from. I discovered these places during my trips to California. These are the 10 top viewpoints on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco: [...]

What to do in rainy weather in Dublin?

What to do in Dublin when it rains Quite simply: what you set out to do. At least that's the Irish motto. When traveling to Ireland you have to expect rain. If you adjust your clothes to it, a rainy day in Dublin is also an experience. Here are tips.

Traunsee Austria - Holidays in the Salzkammergut

At the Traunsee Austria you can take a vacation in the Salzkammergut. Use these travel tips for hotels and camping at Traunsee Austria to plan your vacation. You will also find ideas on what you can do on site.

Experience the Wachau in autumn

Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. On the south-facing slopes in the western part of the Wachau, the sun shines on stone terraces on which wine varieties such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger Smaragd thrive. The vineyards change color. Winegrowers decorate their wine shops for autumn.

Autumn and wine in Burgenland

Autumn in Burgenland You experience Burgenland wine intensely in autumn. We like wine and wine regions. Petar grew up in a wine region. He knows that. But for me our stay at Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland is something special. We are here in autumn and the grape leaves are turning more and more color every day. The winemakers decorate [...]

America's most popular coastline

We showed a photo trip from the west to the east coast on our social media. Below the photos are beaches in California. We present scenes of whale watching in the Inside Passage off Alaska and British Columbia. There is a three-master on the coast of Nova Scotia, but also a lighthouse on the Bay of Casco near Portland in Maine.

Winter impressions from the Waldviertel

Winter impressions from the Waldviertel We spent the past weekend in Lower Austria near Zwettl in the Hotel Schwarz Alm. This hotel is located on a large meadow in the middle of the forest. We were there to get to know the hotel, its offers and its surroundings better. We were lucky enough to spend the winter so [...]

Nice places and great food - Second Quarter 2017

We have already participated in Michael von Explore the World’s Fopa Photo Parade. He calls for the Photo Challenge twice a year, in which the best photos from the past six months can be submitted. What could be a nicer occasion than reviewing the trips in the photos [...]

Photo highlights 2 / 2016 photo-parade

What are our photo highlights from the 2nd half of 2016? Michael has asked this question for the fourth time. So it is time again to search our photo archive for the best photos from the second half of 2016. We are following Michael's call for his photo parade #FoPaNet 2 2016. This is definitely [...]

Windows and doors as a photo motive

Windows and doors are my favorite photo motif "I prefer to take photos ..." - it was this headline that struck me first. Gudrun from called for a blog parade, the subject of which spoke to me right away. And aroused curiosity. I then browsed through my photo archive and came across astonishing things: it's not food [...]

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