Pasteis de Nata Recipe - Delicious Portugal

A pasteis de nata recipe to make yourself! The Portuguese custard tarts are often served there for breakfast. We liked them so much that we've been baking them at home since then. We brought the recipe back from our pleasure trips.

Discover beaches in the Alentejo

Which beaches in the Alentejo are best for you? The coast south of Lisbon is very varied. The beaches on the west coast of the Alentejo alternate between kilometers of sandy beaches. There is something for everyone.

Evora - UNESCO World Heritage in the Alentejo

Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its historical buildings. It is the largest place that we get to know along our route. It is also one of the oldest places we visit on this trip. Evora was settled long before the Romans.

Alentejo - Of Fish, Shrimp and Coriander

We enjoyed Portuguese fish specialties on our trip through the Alentejo. Fish was on our menu in every restaurant on this trip on the fishing path through the Alentejo. There was dogfish soup in Evora. Eel stew then awaited us in Cais Palafítico. Açorda de Marisco we ate in Sines.

Rota Vicentina hiking on the fishing path Portugal

On the ancient paths of the Rota Vicentina, the fishermen hike to their fishing spots via the Portugal fishing path. It leads from Porto Covo along the west coast down to the Algarve. Sometimes the path runs comfortably above the cliffs. At other times, steep climbs and descents to the beaches have to be overcome.

Discoveries Portuguese Mariner - Henry the Navigator, Fernando Magellan ...

Henry the Navigator sent expeditions along the west coast of Africa. An attempt to bypass the Muslim trade routes. These Portuguese seafarers moved slowly and cautiously south for fear of the dangers that traders from Arabia were spreading rumors about in order to deter this very competition from Europe.

Portuguese Wine Vinho Verde & Accessories

What could be nicer than ending a mild summer evening with a cool glass of wine. That is pure wine enjoyment! A light and tangy wine tastes best in the heat of summer. Portuguese Vinho Verde is perfect for summer enjoyment.

The Seafaring of Portugal in the Age of Discoveries

Portugal on the edge of Europe? The seafaring of Portugal changes this. The sea is no longer the end point for expansion. The seafaring of Portugal changes this. Rather, for the Portuguese, with the age of discovery, it becomes a connection to other worlds. Portugal had about a million inhabitants at the end of the 14th century. 40000 people lived in Lisbon. The rural population [...]

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