BBQ recipes

Olive oil directly from the producer for enjoyment like on the Mediterranean

Olive trees and olive plantations are sights that each of us knows from the Mediterranean countries. We remember restaurants in Portugal where olive oil, straight from the producer, plays a role in Alentejo cuisine. The fish specialties along the Rota do Peixe would be unthinkable without olive oil. The same goes for antipasti from Italy or tapas in Spain.

Make Italian Salsiccia Yourself - Here's How

You buy yourself salsiccia. However, if you want to know what's inside, it is worth taking the time to do it yourself. The Italian sausage is a sausage specialty that often appears in the recipes of Italy. Here you can find out how to do it.

Dips for grilling - a selection

Dips for grilling make a barbecue evening really tasty. These taste best if they are homemade. At the same time, they ensure that the grilled tastes different every time. At this point we collect barbecue sauces and dips recipes with which you can make your barbecue party varied.

Simply cook food - Indian bread - Navajo Fry Bread

Native American Bread - Navajo Fry Bread There are many names that Native American bread has. It is also called Navajo Fry Bread. The Navajo themselves call it "ntsidiigwoo". We spotted it many times on our travels across the US and Canada. However, it is always on the table in the kitchens of the First Nations. That he[…]

Recipe from South Africa – Potjiekos

I first encountered the one-pot recipe Potjiekos from South Africa on my early travels through Africa. Potjiekos are simple stew dishes. This food goes back to the Voortrekkers, who traveled through the country with their heavy ox carts.

Why not grill game? - You need to know that

Have you ever thought about grilling game? To grill venison, you need to know when to buy which meat. There are also some tips and tricks you should consider when grilling game meat. You can also find a recipe here.

Chimichurri sauce from Argentina

Serving meat “naked”, i.e. without sauces, is not popular on the southern tip of South America either. That is why there is usually one or more servings of chimichurri sauce on every table. You can find a recipe for it here.

Quick chickpea salad from Tunisia

Chickpea recipes have a long tradition in Oriental cuisine. In the Maghreb countries in North Africa there are many recipes in which chickpeas play a role as an ingredient. Our chickpea salad therefore comes from African cuisine. This is how it is prepared in Tunisia.

Grilling chicken and turkey – recipes included

Grilling chicken – Our tips. You can grill chicken and turkey on the gas grill. You can also grill small pieces on charcoal grills. Here we present the options you have for this. There are also recipes for marinades that go well with chicken and turkey.

BBQ grill recipes with salmon and peanuts

Two BBQ grill recipes with salmon and peanuts; Salmon in a peanut crust and a peanut dip with grilled fish. These two grill recipes can be prepared well at home or at a picnic in the green or in a camper van kitchen. The perfect summer meal.

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