Recipes for the mobile home

Dutch Oven Recipe: Turkey & Green Chili Soup

Bring a taste of the Wild West to your plate with HuntChef Wild Turkey & Green Chili Soup. A culinary adventure that will inspire you. Try Master Chef Jeremy Critchfield's Turkey & Green Chili Soup.

Dutch Oven Recipes - a collection

On the Dutch Oven you can cook over a campfire or on a grill. We collect Dutch Oven recipes and show you the easiest way to prepare them in a cast iron pot. You can also find Dutch Oven cookbooks here.

Recipe from South Africa – Potjiekos

I first encountered the one-pot recipe Potjiekos from South Africa on my early travels through Africa. Potjiekos are simple stew dishes. This food goes back to the Voortrekkers, who traveled through the country with their heavy ox carts.

Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

This Chakalaka recipe in its current form probably originated in the kitchens of the townships and mining settlements in and around Johannesburg in South Africa. The dish is still quite new. It is said that it originated in the hostels where the men in the townships lived.

Omnia oven recipes - baking in the camping oven

The Omnia oven is a small pot that you can use on a gas stove or camping stove. This allows you to prepare a variety of dishes. All you need are the right ingredients and a few creative ideas for Omnia oven recipes.

One pot recipes for camping and houseboat

If you travel a lot by motorhome or houseboat, you know that simple dishes are best prepared in the kitchens. Therefore, one pot recipes are well suited for camping and houseboat kitchens.

Quiche Lorraine recipe for the Omnia oven

In this recipe, Chris from Camper_Culinaric shows how to prepare a Quiche Lorraine recipe in the Omnia oven. We are also happy to prepare the French specialty from Lorraine at home. With Chris' recipe you can also cook Quiche Lorraine quickly and easily on motorhome trips.

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