Recipes from Germany

Vegan vanilla crescents without egg

These vegan vanilla crescents are egg-free. They go well with tea. But they also taste good at Christmas time. Vanilla croissants are a pastry traditionally baked in Germany, Austria and Bohemia during the Christmas season.

Kaiserschmarrn recipes from Austria and Bavaria

There are various Kaiserschmarrn recipes. Every cook has his own ingredient that makes him special. In addition, the pastry with its side dishes can be served in a variety of ways. In Austria there are mostly plum roasters. In Bavaria it is made with cheese and mushrooms.

Mainz Spundekäs is served with Wine in Rheinhessen

Mainzer Spundekäs recipe We tried the Mainzer Spundekäs from Rheinhessen for the first time on our culinary journey through Hesse. However, he actually comes from Mainz. There it is on the menu in every wine tavern. If you take a closer look, the cheese specialty comes from Mainz. But also in the Wiesbaden area and in the Rheingau on the [...]

The perfect gift for gourmet travelers

Tastes good! Finding the perfect gift for pleasure travelers is not always easy. We look for it again every year. This time, however, it was an easy decision for us, because there is nothing better than a combined travel and cookery book.

Baking bread without Yeast is easy - how it works

With homemade yeast water you can bake bread without yeast. We tried baking bread on our pleasure trip to Texel. Since then we have been making bread ourselves at home. You don't always have yeast on hand. This method helps. Baking with yeast water requires a little more patience, but it helps if yeast is not available.

Harvest elder flowers for a day for connoisseurs

From the end of May to July, elder flowers are not to be overlooked on the edges of the forest. Then their flowers shine between the green of the bushes. You can find an elderberry location on every excursion into nature. These elderflower blossom recipes make the trip a pleasure.

Plum cake recipe with almonds

Whenever I bake this plum cake recipe with almonds, I think back to my childhood. This plum cake recipe with almonds was already baked by my mother. It is easy and quick to prepare and tastes delicious.

Plum cake from a tin with sprinkles

This recipe for a plum cake from a tin with marzipan and almond crumbles can be prepared well with frozen plums. The plum cake is made with batter.

Thuringian dumplings, as I like them

Recipe for Thuringian dumplings Thuringian dumplings, that's what I grew up with, even though I don't come from Thuringia. My mother cooked them for a Sunday roast almost every Sunday. I still love them today, but I rarely get to cook them. When I read Claudia Braunstein's blog call for the best recipe for Thuringian dumplings today, [...]

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