Recipes from Austria

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of Salzburg's specialties. When you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Nevertheless, there are some special features in the culinary arts of Salzburg that you have probably not heard of.

Donuts, Ausgezogene, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen

They have many names: in Bavaria, they are known as undressed or undressed. In Franconia they are called Küchle or Kiachla. In Austria they are called Bauernkrapfen. In the Franconian-Swabian and Tyrolean regions they are also known as Knieküchle or Knieküchle. What is meant is the same. They are lard pastries.

Vegan vanilla crescents without egg

These vegan vanilla crescents are egg-free. They go well with tea. But they also taste good at Christmas time. Vanilla croissants are a pastry traditionally baked in Germany, Austria and Bohemia during the Christmas season.

Recipe for Linzer Cookies

The Linzer Cookie recipe comes from the city of Linz. The cookies are smaller forms of the Linzer Torte for which the place is famous. They consist of two cookies, the top one with one or three holes. They are filled with jam.

Typical Austria: Sachertorte

Sachertorte from Austria Here I say "typically Austrian". There is the Hotel Sacher both in Vienna and in Salzburg in the Salzburger Land. The Sachertorte is served in both. To complicate things, the Sachertorte is also available in the Imperial and Royal Court Confectionery Demel. An intriguing story of how it came about. The Sachertorte is[…]

Schlutzkrapfen recipe from the Alte Posthalterei in Zusmarshausen

Advertisement - What do you think of bringing the taste of your travel destinations into the kitchen at home? We asked hotels for recipes for our travel blog for connoisseurs that you can cook yourself with few ingredients. With this Schlutzkrapfen recipe from Tyrol you can prepare this specialty yourself.

Kaiserschmarrn recipes from Austria and Bavaria

There are various Kaiserschmarrn recipes. Every cook has his own ingredient that makes him special. In addition, the pastry with its side dishes can be served in a variety of ways. In Austria there are mostly plum roasters. In Bavaria it is made with cheese and mushrooms.

Mühlviertel Wasp Nests - Austrian Specialties

Mühlviertel wasp nests are a specialty from the border regions of Upper Austria. You can feel the influence of the Bohemian cuisine with its pastries. There are several versions of how to prepare the wasp nests. You can find the recipes here.

How St. Martin's Goose tastes particularly good

The St. Martin's goose is a feast in Austria and Bavaria. The feast of St. Martin is celebrated on November 11th. Numerous customs are associated with his memorial day. One of them is eating a St. Martin's goose on the feast day of the saint. By the way, a goose is also a good Christmas dinner.

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