Canada routes

From Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road

Most travelers take the freeway to get from Montreal to Quebec City as quickly as possible. They don't know what they're missing. The King's Road, on the other hand, leads directly along the north bank of the St. Lawrence through idyllic villages and offers beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.

Sunrise Trail in Nova Scotia: Road trip Canada

One of the Nova Scotia Travel Routes - The Sunrise Trail We are en route on one of the Nova Scotia Travel Routes - the Sunrise Trail in Nova Scotia! "The sunrise path" sounds tempting, doesn't it? We are on our way long after sunrise. Still, it's beautiful. The route runs along the north coast of Nova Scotia and follows [...]

Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia and discover real insider tips. However, you have to take your time. It is worth going down to one of the harbors, one of the bays or one of the sandy beaches. Unlike the Cabot Trail, the beauties are not directly on the main road.