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Art close up in Tofino on Vancouver Island

One of the top hotels in Canada, the Wickaninnish Inn employs sculptors and Native American carvers. They produce almost all of the Indian handicrafts that are on display in the hotel. What these artists create is impressive.

Experience the Dutch North Sea coast on a weekend in Holland

A holiday on the Dutch North Sea coast can be so varied. A mudflat hike is an absolute must. But have you ever poured candles yourself or watched how mustard is made in a mustard mill? Find out more about culinary specialties and find out more about fishing in the region.

Where can I rent a motorhome in Germany?

Where can I rent an RV? Renting a motorhome is the trend. Motorhome holidays depend on the nimbus of freedom. Whoever goes on holiday with the motorhome wants to be independent. You are free to decide how long you want to stay somewhere. Spontaneously go somewhere else. Enjoy the nature. But where can you rent a camper near you?

Holland holidays by the sea means to experience the silence in Polderland

If you go on holiday by the sea in Holland, it means a holiday behind the dike. You can experience this on one of the islands in the Wadden Sea or in one of the coastal towns in the north of the Netherlands. On this trip we not only explored the island of Texel, but also went on to Friesland and the province of Groningen.

Is Slow Travel the Art of Travel to Savor?

Slow Travel the Art of Traveling Is Slow Travel the art of traveling with pleasure? The concept of slow travel goes back to Dan Kieran's book Slow Travel: The Art of Travel *. For Kieran, slow travel is decelerated travel. We asked four travel bloggers what slow travel means to them. Told in Kieran's travel stories [...]

Killarney Secrets

Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is an experience where you can feel Canada up close. The Killarney Provincial Park (map) is hardly known in this country. Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is a real outdoor experience. Nature lovers in particular will feel at home there.

Experience Culture and History in Vaduz Liechtenstein

How can a country exist that is nestled in a strip of land between the Swiss Rhine Valley and the Vorarlberg mountains? We went in search of clues through the city's sights. We will find answers in the three museums of Vaduz Liechtenstein.

Enjoy Beer and Gardens in the Abbey Schlägl in the Šumava Peninsula

A trip to Aigen Schlägl to the Schlägl Abbey is not only worthwhile because of the brewery and the beer that is produced there. In the Stiftskeller you can eat well in beautiful surroundings and in the themed gardens of the State Horticultural Show of 2019 a walk through the grounds is worthwhile.

Where you can experience the Rhine meadows on a carriage ride

Mr. Reuter proves to be a connoisseur of the meadow landscape. No wonder, since he has lived here for years and experiences the regular flooding of the meadows. Every year the Rhine floods the Urdenbacher Kämpe. Mr. Reuter shows them to us on a carriage ride.

Bad Kissingen Attractions for Slow Travelers

These Bad Kissingen sights are perfect for all slow travelers who like to travel slowly through Bavaria. You come to the spa in Franconia to enjoy a break. To recharge your batteries. Or to relax in the city, its parks and its grounds. “Discover the time” is the city's motto.

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