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USA Road Trip - Tips from Travel Bloggers

A USA road trip means setting out on new ways to explore America. In the USA and Canada in particular, road trips are one of the best ways to get to know the country.

Finance Holiday - Travel Blogger Tips

"How can you finance your vacation?" - How often have we heard that in the last 20 years? Countless times. This is one of the topics that people burn under the fingers when they hear that we blog full-time. The answer is very simple: We pay attention to profitability in everything we do.

Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal for a travel blogger flat share

For three days we were on the trail of late summer in the Kleinwalsertal. This time we formed a travel blogger flat share with our travel blogger colleagues. At the invitation of Kleinwalsertal Tourism in Austria, we stayed in the Talgrün holiday apartment in the Anna Lisa mountain house in Mittelberg.

A few indiscreet questions about traveling

Elke Weiler asked me indiscreet questions about traveling. Elke von Meerblog writes wonderful stories about travel and life itself, which I like to read again and again. They whisk you away to the regions and small towns in which she is currently traveling.

Become an influencer - how does it work?

Lately we have been asked again and again: become an influencer - how do you do that? In any case, it should be clear to everyone who aims to build a foothold as an influencer: It is not easy. Here you can find our tips and recommendations.

Nikon D5300 as a travel blogger camera

The Nikon D5300 is the (almost) perfect travel blogger camera. It can do everything that makes my life as a travel blogger easier: it delivers high-resolution photos in excellent quality. I can shoot video scenes with her. It has WiFi, with which I can transfer the photos from the SLR camera to my mobile phone via an app.

TBEX Ostrava 2018 - what was special?

In contrast to previous TBEX conferences, this time only a small percentage of travel bloggers described themselves as beginners. The majority of the participants had several years of blogging experience. That made TBEX 2018 so interesting.

Nice places and great food - Second Quarter 2017

We have already participated in Michael von Explore the World’s Fopa Photo Parade. He calls for the Photo Challenge twice a year, in which the best photos from the past six months can be submitted. What could be a nicer occasion than reviewing the trips in the photos [...]

ITB Tips for Travel Bloggers

We are back from our 3-day trip around the world in quick succession at the ITB in Berlin. We look forward to it every year. At the same time, however, we also feared the visit, because in recent years it has always been the case that after three days of conversation marathons and forced marches through the halls of the exhibition grounds we are completely exhausted and with burning [...]

Planning your trip - this is how it works for us

  Dreaming of traveling In the last few days and weeks you haven't been able to read as much news as usual here on our blog. We weren't as often present on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram as you are used to. The reason for this is that we are currently planning to travel again [...]

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