Wine Regions

A Newfoundland wine called Funky Puffin

Newfoundland wine is nothing new, as the island may be the Vinland of the Vikings. One thing is certain, however. The Newfoundland winery certainly never had the rows of vines that we know from other parts of Canada. Instead, it's famous for the Newfoundland Blueberry Wine.

Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Directly behind the town of Ipsheim in Franconia, the Ipsheim vineyards rise below Hoheneck Castle, on whose clay soils Franconian wines that taste fine and aromatic grow. A country road winds up the mountain between the plots of the vintners, on which we walk through the vineyards undisturbed by car traffic.

Wines and winemakers on Vancouver Island British Columbia

The first Vancouver Island Wine was grown by farmers in the fertile Cowichan Valley in the 1920s. The climate is favorable for viticulture. Almost 80 vineyards have grown from these beginnings. Wines from more than 40 wineries grow here.

Styria Holidays to Savor for Connoisseurs

In Styria, people appreciate the delights of the region, which are produced on farms, wineries, distilleries, chocolate factories and cheese dairies. A Styrian vacation becomes a treat for the palate when you take the time to visit producers.

Good food, wine and the Moselle in Luxembourg

We discovered three Luxembourg sights where you can enjoy life in Luxembourg on our drive through the country. What could be better than good food, wine and a romantic river like the Moselle to enjoy life?

Three Styria hotels for connoisseurs

Discover three Styria hotels for connoisseurs, for whom the enjoyment of their guests is the top priority. Each of these hotels interprets “enjoyment” in its own way. It offers its guests an authentic experience.

Taste Burgenland wine - three times different

Wine is known to be a very special juice. Wine has soul: it can be gentle and mild, it can be furious and strong, it can be lovely and sweet. Wine is a product of its environment and this is reflected in it. Experience a Burgenland holiday with wine.

Quebec Wineries in the Eastern Townships on the Wine Route

In a region south of Montreal, the vineyards get bigger and bigger until the vines stretch to the horizon. We'll stop at a spot where the Best Quebec Wineries are concentrated in the Eastern Townships. Here you can find out what we discovered there.

Portuguese Wine Vinho Verde & Accessories

What could be nicer than ending a mild summer evening with a cool glass of wine. That is pure wine enjoyment! A light and tangy wine tastes best in the heat of summer. Portuguese Vinho Verde is perfect for summer enjoyment.

Good wines grow in Emilia Romagna

We visit the Tenuta Neri winery, which is located in the hills above the seaside resort of Cesenatico. A low building stands in a lot on one of the hills above the city. Valeria and Giovanni Tenuta Neri live here and have a long family tradition of growing wine.

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