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Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Directly behind the town of Ipsheim in Franconia, the Ipsheim vineyards rise below Hoheneck Castle, on whose clay soils Franconian wines that taste fine and aromatic grow. A country road winds up the mountain between the plots of the vintners, on which we walk through the vineyards undisturbed by car traffic.

5 wine places for a wine weekend in the Main Valley

Five wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend in Franconia? When the winegrowers harvest their grapes in autumn, it becomes exciting in the wine regions. How was the summer How much sun did the grapes get? How will the new year be? Then you celebrate the start of the wine harvest on the Main.

Franconian wine country to savor and pleasure hikes

The Franconian wine country is a perfect destination for connoisseurs and slow travelers. Hiking in the Franconian wine country is fun. There are romantic wine places that are worth discovering. Franconian wine country means lovingly maintained half-timbered architecture, paved squares and winding alleys.

Volkach Wine Festival - when the first Grapes of the Year are pressed

The Volkacher Weinfest We visit the Volkach Wine Festival. Wine festivals offer a perfect opportunity to experience the wines and the way of life in the wine regions of the world. This also includes the Volkacher Weinfest. "The best that God sent us is fine wine from Franconia" - we discovered this saying on a house wall in Nordheim on the ... go to Article

Things to do in Mainz for Connoisseurs

Mainz Attractions for bon vivants Advertising - The Mainz attractions for connoisseurs are what draw us to the city on the Rhine. We are invited to get to know the wine capital of Germany. Mainz is one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World. Thus, the city joins the Rhine on the list of wine towns of the ... go to Article

Amazing architecture in the winery brain

Winegrowers definitely attach great importance to beautiful architecture in the winery. This enables them to present their wines in a special way. They usually do this in old manors whose courtyards are decorated with vines. They run hedge farms in it. There, wine lovers can enjoy a fourth of wine in the shade of grapevines. Or you … go to Article

The perfect destination in Franconia

How do I find the perfect destination in Franconia? The problem also knows her well: the work week is coming to an end, for the weekend is nice weather announced, and you only have the desire to take a few days off. Only: where do you go best and what is really worthwhile? This is … go to Article