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Tulip blossom Holland - Bollenstreek flower corso

Tulip blossom Holland Bollenstreek flower corso
Tulip blossom Holland Bollenstreek flower corso

Experience the Bollenstreek flower parade

The tulip blossom The Netherlands did it to us. We've been there before traveling in the Netherlands to see tulips. Now let's learn more about how they're bred. We drive from ours Houseboat by boat to Bollenstreek. We have another opportunity to see this firework of colors and flowers. When we received the invitation from Simone from nach-holland.de At any rate, we say immediately to the flower corso between Harleem and Noordwijk. We do not need to think about it for long. Simone has invited us to the flower corso of Bollenstreek.


We have three days to see the tulip blossom in Holland. We want to learn more about this pageant. This will be held for the 2022th time in 75. At the flower parade, the Dutch tulip growers celebrate themselves and their tulips with a procession lasting several days. They travel through the country with decorated floats filled with tulips. Every year the flower parade has a different motto. In 2021 it will be 'A world of colors', fitting, because King's Day will be celebrated in the Netherlands just two days after the end of the flower parade. (Current note: In 2021 the Bollenstreek flower parade is canceled due to Corona.)


This is how oversized daffodils are created for the Bollenstreek flower parade
This creates oversized daffodils

The construction of the carriages for the flower corso in Sassenheim

In Sassenheim near Lisse, the cars are prepared for the pageant. Volunteers help to decorate the wagons with hyacinths, tulips and other flowers. They are working hard on it. Some of the cars are so big that it seems impossible that they will be finished until their performance on Friday in Noordwijkerhout. In any case, the motifs of the cars are already designed in the summer of the previous year.

Wilma Mesman, the art director of the flower parade, is responsible for this. She says that sometimes it is not easy to finish the cars as originally planned. Because Mother Nature still has a say in the design. If the tulips or hyacinths do not bloom in the colors that are needed for the decoration of the car at the time of the flower parade, then it becomes tight. "And what do you do when there are not enough flowers available?" I ask. Wilma laughs and says: "Then we have to change the designs." So a tremor.


Two Dutch boys
Two Dutch boys at the Bollenstreek flower parade

The presentation of the tulip wagons in Noordwijkerhout

However, we did not notice any difficulties in obtaining tulips when we looked at the floats on Friday evening. The winners of the Bollenstreek Flower Parade have now been announced. In 2015 the first prize went to the Keukenhof on. It shows oversized tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. A firework of colors that is definitely unparalleled. Second prize went to the king's car. This is pulled by four horses with flower manes. The “royal couple” waves to us from their golden car. Other carriages show windmills, castles and even the hats of Queen Beatrix and Queen Maxima. The royal theme is gaining the upper hand this year, even if there are other themed cars.

The decorated floats of the Bollenstreek Flower Parade are finally presented to the public in Noordwijkerhout. Some of the passengers are already there. Damsel in medieval robes and pointed cap. Little boys on a bicycle filled with tulips with wooden shoes. But also a crazy society of men and women in green suits and with red hair. However, we are not entirely clear about their role. However, they always have fun.

We take a walk into the city center of Noordwijkerhout. There we can admire other floats. It doesn't take long before “De Koetillers” heat up the audience with groovy rhythms. What we thought was a typical village brass band, however, turns out to be a band that quickly makes people dance.


The car of Keukenhof
The Keukenhof car at the Bollenstreek Flower Parade
The royal car on the move
The king's carriage at the Bollenstreek flower parade

Tulip Blossom Holland: The Bollenstreek Flower Corso from Voorhout to Haarlem

The time has come on Saturday. We take a boat from our houseboat in Warmond to Voorhout to start the move. A brilliant solution! Let's avoid every traffic jam and every waiting time that we would otherwise have to expect when visiting the flower parade. Instead, our captain Rien drives us comfortably and warmly wrapped up through the canals at the beginning of the flower parade. There we also have an unobstructed view of the cars and the music groups. These form only a few meters away from us and finally lead the move.

Then they pass by in all their glory. The damsels wave, the "royal couple" nods to us in a friendly manner. The men and women in their green suits and red hair are still up to mischief, the meaning of which is not entirely clear to us. In between, music bands and tambourine drummers now mix with marching music and drum rolls. Cheerleaders also twirl their pompoms. A great sight and definitely an experience as the decorated cars pass us!

The flower parade in the Bollenstreek is not the only tulip pageant in The Netherlands, but certainly one of the most famous. In any case, a party that we won't soon forget!

The flower corso in the Bollenstreek 2021

This year is the Tulip parade canceled at the flower parade in the Bollenstreek.

You can watch the cars being set up. There are already events celebrating the tulips in the run-up to the parade.

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Source Bollenstreek flower parade: own research on site. We thank Simone from Nach-Holland.de and Olympia Charters for the invitation to and organization of this tulip blossom Holland trip.

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