New York Sights that are different

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New York city skyline

Latest New York landmarks

Experience New York City Sights! With the latest the city has to offer. The capital of New York has some wonderful sights that you shouldn't miss.



A tour of the city

In New York, there are countless ways to enjoy the cityscapes. These pictures show the history of the city and its life. There are museums, libraries, Restaurant, bars, clubs, shops, parks, buildings and more.

Unusual New York Attractions

Countless New York sights await the visitor. Many of them are world famous. But there are also the other, lesser-known attractions in New York. The selection of Attractions in New York is so big that it is often difficult to make a decision. The challenge starts with finding the more unusual sights and activities or the best viewpoints in New York. These deviate from the mandatory goals of all visitors. There are also plenty of them in the Big Apple. This includes, for example, a visit to the Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. It would take too long to list them all, but a few goals stand out. However, they are a must for visitors who want to get a real feel for Manhattan. Here you will find extraordinary New York sights that should definitely be on the list for your next trip:


Westfield Shopping Mall World Trade Center
Westfield Shopping Mall at the World Trade Center

Westfield Shopping Mall at the World Trade Center

Even if you don't want to shop, you shouldn't miss the Westfield Shopping Mall at the World Trade Center. With its spectacular architecture, it is definitely one of the extraordinary New York City sights.

Westfield Shopping Mall
185 Greenwich St,
New York, NY 10007

The Hudson Yards

Take a stroll through Hudson Yards. Every year, New York citizens replant the old railway line, the tracks of which have now been replaced by walkways and islands of tranquillity. Here you can relax in a green oasis from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


The Vessel New York City
The Vessel New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards

Also worth seeing is The Vessel in Hudson Yards, an art installation in the area of ​​the High Line Park. 154 stairs connect here to a work of art worth seeing. Access to the ground floor is free and open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 20.00pm and Sunday from 11.00am to 19.00pm. A reservation is not necessary.

The Vessel
20 Hudson yards,
New York, NY 10001


Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

In summer, food carts sell snacks and drinks along the route. Or you can get the ingredients for yours Picnic at Chelsea Market and then find a picnic spot in Highline Park. This stretches on Manhattan's West Side between 34th St. and Washington St.

Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave,
New York, NY 10011


High Line New York
High Line New York

The High Line Park

A successful project, how to make superfluous urban traffic routes usable again, is Highline Park. Freight trains once ran through New York City on this route several meters above street level. The elevated train was set up to prevent it from hindering normal traffic in the city. That's how meat, vegetables and dairy products from the agricultural regions were transported to Manhattan. As trucks increasingly displaced the railway, the railway line lost importance. In 2009 engaged New York citizens started a project to protect the railway line from demolition.

High Line Park
7077 Highline,
New York, NY 10001


The Edge Observation Deck
The Edge Observation Deck

The Edge Observation Deck - spectacular New York City attraction

Since 2020, The Edge, one of New York's most spectacular observation decks, has offered views from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty. The observation deck is at a height of 335 meters and the outdoor sky deck awaits you 24 meters higher. If you're brave enough, you can stand on the glass floor and look 100 floors down at the streets of New York.

The Edge
30 Hudson yards,
New York, NY 10001

One Vanderbilt Observation Deck
One Vanderbilt Observation Deck in New York City

One Vanderbilt Observation Deck

The Summit at One Vanderbilt viewing platform has been available since October 2021. At a height of 427 meters you have a view of the Empire State Building, the East River and all the way to Central Park. A glass elevator takes you to the top. The building is near Bryant Park and Grand Central Station. Those who are not afraid of heights can look down onto Madison Avenue through the glass floor on the 59th floor. On the two floors below you can enjoy the view through the high glass windows.

One vanderbilt
1 Vanderbilt Ave,
New York, NY 10017


New York attractions - the skyline with Brooklyn Bridge
New York Skyline with Brooklyn Bridge © Bradley Weaver, Flickr



Museum of the City of New York

If you like to travel back in time, then the Museum of the City of New York is the right place for you. The museum, which is housed in a building on the Upper East Side, is characterized by its exhibition program. Whether you are interested in painting, photography, multimedia or just history - the museum is one of the New York attractions that gives an insight into the past of New York City.

Museum of the City of New York
1220 5th Ave,
New York, NY 10029


What you need to visit New York

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Intrepid in New York City
Intrepid in New York City

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The technique is more your case? Then you shouldn't miss the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. The museum is located on a former aircraft carrier. The USS Intrepid entered service in 1943 and was used during World War II. Not only is it a National Historic Landmark because of its past, it is also one of New York's most impressive attractions. In the meantime, however, the museum ship has found its final home on the banks of the Hudson River. It is dedicated to history, science and military service. It also keeps part of the past alive with its exhibits and exhibits. One of the New York City sights that many have already known but haven't seen.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Pier 86, W 46th St,
New York, NY 10036



Rock Junket Walking Tour

Walking through the streets of New York can bring you some unusual and fascinating sights. Especially if you are a real rock'n'roll fan. The Rock Junket Walking Tour definitely takes you into the city's musical past. You will learn everything from Bob Dylan's beginnings as a folk singer to the psychedelic Jimi Hendrix era to the punk movement and beyond. On the tour you will pass other attractions in New York, which in their time were the hub of the rock and music world. Few cities have had such a big impact on pop music as New York City. Rock Junket takes you to the New York landmarks where the music was created. You will find out where it was played and where it was immortalized.


Experience New York City Adventure *


You want to experience New York and look behind the scenes? What is your opinion of a city tour in which you meet virtual people from history who tell of their time in New York? Or talking to a survivor of 9 / 11? What a romantic is sailing into the sunset with a view of the skyline of New York. Exciting is certainly a spiritual reading in Chinatown. And what do you think about trying out an insect meal? Not for the timid is a guided tour of the Green Wood Cemetery at dusk. Did you know that you can even watch whales in New York? These are just a few of New York City Adventure * (Advertisement) that the travel guide from Michael Müller Verlag suggests. If you want to experience more, you can order it here. Discover New York City sights off the beaten path.


Roosevelt Island Tramway
Roosevelt Island Tramway – New York City attractions off the beaten path

Roosevelt Island Tramway

For a long time Roosevelt Island was a place you would rather not visit. In the 19th century there was a hospital for the mentally ill on the island, that was notorious for its bad conditions. For years, the island was also the location of a detention center until this finally moved to Rikers Island. It was not until the 1976s that residential areas developed on the island, which at that time could only be reached by boat. The plan was to build a subway. However, this was delayed again and again. Therefore, in 1989 a cable car started its service, that connected the island with Manhattan. Since XNUMX there is also a subway, which goes to the island. The Roosevelt Island Tramway, however, is still in operation. It turned into an attraction in the meantime.

Roosevelt Island Tramway
254 E 60th St,
New York, NY 10022

New York Blogger Tips

I've also asked around among our fellow bloggers and for unusual ones New York Sights required. We present your tips here. A tip for Four days in New York (in English) put together by Anda from Travel Notes & Beyond. at A Way Abroad you will find facts you should know about New York.


Public Library New York
New York City Landmarks - New York Public Library © Janett Schindler


Janett of Teilzeitreisender was 52 hours in New York and visited the Public Library.

The Public Library

The Public Libary is one of my personal highlights of New York. Located in the Stephen A. Schwarzman building on 5th Avenue in the middle of Manhattan, it was one of the places - which I had firmly associated with the history of New York years ago. The public library opened in 1911 and has lost none of its hidden beauty. "Getting in" is quite easy and possible without a library card. All I had to do was pass a security check until I was able to climb the stairs to the most beautiful rooms on the upper floor.

The reading hall? A dream. Very quietly I crossed the room full of books and people studying. Unfortunately, I missed a guided tour – which takes place regularly during opening hours – thanks to the tight NY program. Who knows - maybe I could have had a look at the largest atlas exhibition - which is also in a room in the library. The art on display (can be admired on the first floor) is also really worth seeing and visiting. By the way, I’ll tell you the best at the end – admission to the library is free. Nevertheless, I made a donation for the preservation of this beautiful building - and thus also won a smile from an employee. Was it worth it?

Public library
476 5th Ave
New York


Experience New York on a city tour *


Don't miss this article by Faith on how you best plan a Hop on hop off tour of New York.


Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal © Jessica Niedergesäß


Manhattan Central Station

Manhattan Central Station is located in the center of Manhattan. The trains arrive underground. They connect the center of the Big Apple with the surrounding boroughs of New York and the more distant regions. Even from the outside, the Grand Central Station looks imposing when you look at the station from Park Avenue from the south. Incidentally, the Grand Central Terminal is also a favorite destination for Foodies in New York. On the lower floor of Grand Central Terminal on 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue is one of New York's most famous seafood restaurants: The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant. There are more reasons than one to take a closer look at this station. Jessica introduces in her report, what you can see inside, .

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station has a magical appeal even to the die-hard New Yorkers. There are many myths and peculiarities surrounding this interesting train station in Manhattan. On a photo tour you can explore and get to know Grand Central Station better. Tripods are strictly forbidden in the station unless you get special permission during a tour. You can find out more about the tour here: The Grand Central Station - The most beautiful corners of the New York landmark

Jessica writes about culinary surprises, cooking courses and food tours around the world on her blog Yummy Travel. Always with a pinch of culture and a focus on slow travel and individual travel.

Grand Central Terminal
89 EW 42nd St,
New York, NY 10017

New York Insider Tips


Street Art in New York
Street Art in New York © Renate Stenshorn


Street Art in New York

In New York you can find graffiti and street art in many parts of the city, you just have to open your eyes. In addition to Brooklyn, Manhattan also offers some beautiful murals. On our travels we were able to look at some of the pictures by the artist Cobra from the High Line. His mural of Einstein, who sprayed “We love NY” on a house wall in Chelsea, is well known. Street art is an ephemeral art that can quickly disappear again. Cobra's pictures "Kiss in Times Square' and 'VJ Day in Times Square', which I photographed in 2014, were unfortunately removed by the homeowner. The city is constantly changing.

New are the works that were created during an action by Larry Silverstein at the former World Trade Center. Silverstein was the tenant of the World Trade Center. In this action artists from all over the world, such as Stickymonger, Boogierez and Aj Lavilla, created murals. You add courage and color to the site . You can not miss out on a visit to One World Center. New York also has special street art tours where you can learn more about the art. I've been to New York several times and created a compilation of Street Art Murals with an artist's name and exact location, so they are easy to find for you.

This tip comes from Renate von Raus ins Leben, a blog about city breaks, short trips and adventure trips. Find more information on Street Art in New York on her blog.


Big Apple Greeter
Big Apple Greeter © Ellen Gromann


With the Big Apple Greeter through New York

When we were in New York with our children a few years ago, we booked a Big Apple Greeter. Big Apple Greeters are volunteers who show tourists or newcomers around their neighborhoods. Our greeter, Eileen, directed us to Little Italy in the Bronx via public transit.

Here we found a completely surprising side of New York: a tranquil small Italian town in the middle of the hectic city of New York. From the small, numerous delicatessen shops and restaurants it smells of Italy and people greet each other on the street with the words "Bon Giorno". It has absolutely nothing to do with the image of gang wars and bad gangsters that immediately came to mind when I heard the word Bronx.

This surprising discovery was one of our highlights in New York, says Ellen from the blog Patotra. More information about their Tour with the Big Apple Greeter You can also read about it on her blog.

Crazy things in New York

New York has some crazy things in store for you. Are you ready to discover them? Have you heard of the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal? Here you can whisper and be heard on the opposite side, 30 meters away! Try it, it's an incredible experience.

Then there is that Earth Room. Imagine: You find a room in the middle of SoHo filled with 280.000 pounds of earth. This artwork by Walter De Maria has been attracting visitors since the 1970s. It even smells like a forest there – in the middle of Manhattan!

New York is full of surprises, so go with the flow and enjoy the diversity of this incredible city. Have fun exploring!


More New York tips


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